Rabeth-KhanFinding room amidst the top 100 Most Powerful Indians in the Gulf, this Founder President of Skyline Group and Skyline University College, based in the UAE’s cultural capital, Sharjah, Kamal Puri has created a niche in his industry. He began his journey to contribute to the region’s education sector with the launch of the Skyline Institute in Kuwait. From a dream to becoming the finest college in the Northern Emirates, to making it a reality, Skyline’s journey can be credited to the leadership skills of Puri. He has set benchmarks for high quality education in various fields of travel, tourism and business, and has been instru- mental in shaping up the careers of hundreds of youths aspiring for a career in the aviation and tourism as well as business and management. An icon of ideal leadership, Puri sensed the need of sound education which is taught in a way that it stays synced with the professional needs of the current environment. He has made significant contributions toward imparting knowledge and skills to meet the grow- ing demand of manpower in the Middle East and the South Asian subcontinent. Being the kind who loves dynamic work profiles, his burning desire to reach the highest echelons in life, prompted him to closely evaluate and study the status of education and training facilities related to the travel and tourism industry, and for- mulate strategies that would inject this vital industry with competent manpower.

He believes he has been blessed at a comparatively younger age with name, fame, fortune and recognition, and it is now time for him to return the favour to the soci-ety for supporting him on his journey towards success. A philanthropist at heart, Puri has helped poor students through scholarships, and plans to set up a series of retirement homes. He also plans to adopt villages n India and set up charitable schools.


  • His determination to give this world a better tomorrow is the impetus that drives his organisation.
  • His formula for success in his words is, “It’s 90 per cent luck, five per cent hard work, and the rest the determination and creativity of a person. It is also essential that 20 per cent of efforts should create 80 per cent of productivity in the graph of success.”
  • His hard work has today resulted in articulation agreements with 68 other colleges around the globe, and the organisation now has 1,250 students on its books.
  • A philanthropist at heart, Puri has also helped poorer students via scholarships, and plans to set up a series of retirement homes.
  • He happens to be a social entrepreneur and wants to adopt villages in India and also wishes to set up charitable schools for the underprivileged.

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