Kalyan Muppaneni: Founder & CEO Pi DATACENTERS Breakthrough Ideas 2018

To make the difference and empowering the common man’s life with information and easy way of life through digitization, is only possible through the IT infrastructure providers in the space of data center and cloud.

Kalyan Muppaneni

What are the breakthrough ideas that you suggest to India in your industry?

Digitization today is the most common phenomenon in the urban population of India. But 90% of our last mile population is based out of the rural India with least digital penetration. Breakthrough in our industry, is to enable the last mile of India, by passing the roots of digitization to them.

Standard of the last mile population is one of the most effective parameters, to be adjudged as a developed nation or a global economy. 

To make the difference and empowering the common man’s life with information and easy way of life through digitization, is only possible through the IT infrastructure providers in the space of data center and cloud.

I would like to encourage enterprises from the data center and cloud industry space to look at avenues to take the digitization to the rural population through simple medium of availability, and not just focus on urban India localities. This should also be cost effective and spread into all verticals of life viz a viz including farming, education, health, banking and many more. The players should bring in innovation and variation in all the services offered, that will trickle down to the last mile.

What innovations are you getting in your industry for a better Indian economy?

We have built the Asia’s Largest Uptime Institute TIER IV Certified Data Center in Amaravati, which is a TIER II City. In line with our vision for the nation, in the space of digitization, we are enabling digital infrastructure for last mile, by becoming the IT infrastructure backbone to deliver availability for the upcoming smart cities. Our expansion plan would be taking us to similar TIER II Cities across the country from where we would be able to deliver seamless connectivity for data transition, transformation and storage to our clientele across all major Indian metros and upcoming cities with equal precision

By building a true Indian cloud platform, from the scratch, we are adding muscles to the Make In India and Digital India mission. Our enterprise class cloud platform Harbour1®, is a technology marvel and an answer to many global cloud solutions, both in terms of technology and innovation.

We are spreading the digitization waves across all sectors in nation, to enable the digital way of living. By the innovative and efficient build of our data center and our cloud platform, we are making the transition to digital more cost effective to the middle men in the process of digitization, thereby enhancing the lives of last mile.

Our solution stack is in line with all other innovations, that are also driving the technology space today. Our infrastructure is custom built and supports all the robust needs of IoT, Big Data Analytics, AI and other next generation technologies. In doing so, we are voting for faster decision making in the systems, resource planning and optimal utilization. These technologies impact the common man’s life in a positive way.

While the nation is today in the implementation phase of these technologies, tomorrow is for realization of the benefits out of them. As a data center and cloud player, we play a very key role in the entire cycle of implementation and realization. Benefits are realized with seamless infrastructure base and cost effective solutioning, which is what Pi offers.

We believe, this run for digitization in the last mile, would enhance their quality of life, with ready availability of information and easing of processes. We are spreading the wealth of knowledge through digitization across the country to the last mile, to enable and empower the next generation of India.


Define your leadership style and role.

I believe that role of an effective leader is to empower and create leaders. As the CEO of the organization, my responsibility is not only in defining the strategy to achieve our vision but also to make sure, we are creating leaders, in the process.

As a leader, I want to be surrounded by people who are smarter than me, in each of the avenues, that run the organization. In nurturing, fostering and growing them, I believe I grow as a stronger professional and better leader. The stronger my team, the stronger the organization.

I believe in giving decision making power and free hand to the next level leaders, in taking their respective teams and visions forward. As the anchor at the realm of the organization, I tie all these pieces together, to achieve the larger goal. Maximum output, through minimal governance/supervision is my policy. I encourage driving decision making to the lowest level in the organization, by empowering and guiding them. These are the steps towards building a matured and well-oiled machine, from the base.

As a people’s person, I spend 75% of, my time with employees, partners and customers to get to the ground first hand and do the best towards making things better.

Suggestions for a Better India.

Kalyan Muppaneni

To me better India is a happier India, where each and every person is empowered and has a control on his/her life. Empowerment by making information and resources available for a better way of life.

Betterment in education, health care is the need of the hour for our nation. This can happen only through digitization. Enabling digitization in all walks of life will make India, stand in the global front.

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