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KAIZZAD CAPADIA – k11 Academy of Fitness
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KAIZZAD CAPADIA – k11 Academy of Fitness

Kaizzad Capadia

KAIZZAD CAPADIA – k11 Academy of Fitness

Co-founder & Director 

Known as the iron man of India, and in every sense, the Nations Strength coach,


is the co-founder and director of K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences-a school that prides in building careers for all aspiring to be personal trainers/Sports Nutritionists/Fitness professionals. Having established himself as arguably the country’s first ever Professional Trainer, Mr. Capadia, is known to be the best teacher to people aspiring to be fitness professionals such as Personal Trainers and sports Nutritionists.

Over the past 2 decades, Mr. Capadia has been on a mission to educate the nation at large about the often ignored and misunderstood component of fitness- ‘Musculoskeletal Strength.’ As the country’s foremost authority on the science of Strength Training, Mr. Capadia’s forte lies in the Bio-Mechanics of lifting.

A nationally ranked competitive Body Builder himself, Mr. Capadia is the biggest proponent of the body building lifestyle as mankind’s only anti-aging solution. He is the one credited with making weight training/strength training popular amongst women. He sincerely believes in women empowerment through the acquisition of physical strength. He has also been spearheading the Nutrition for Performance movement and is considered as one of the foremost authorities on Sports Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements in the country.

Today women and senior citizens eagerly participating in strength training programs can easily be attributed to his untiring efforts over the past two decades. Mr. Capadia has been stressing on the tenets of Sports Nutrition as the country’s only solution to the diabetic pandemic. Mr. Capadia has been at the forefront of educating the public at large about how to stay dia

Kaizzad Capadia

betes free and combat this pandemic that afflicts our nation.

Mr. Kaizzad Capadia is the co-founder and director of India’s premier academic institution in the fitness industry-The K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. His academy, is India’s only fitness academy today to be assured for quality by PEARSON. It means, that all are PEARSON assured.

Through his academy, Mr, Capadia has created a record of sorts by training over 50000 students over the last two decades in India. The k11 Fitness provides highly skilled and trained staff to over 85% of the top Gyms across the country and has very recently extended its reach beyond India to countries like-UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait to name a few.

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