A visionary hailing from a small village with no electricity, the legendary founder Chairman of Flair Group, K. J. Rathod; came to the city of dreams with a vision of providing breakthrough products in the writing instruments industry, and make the world shine with his flair.

Donning his faith and perseverance right from the age of 17, today he has achieved the utopia of his dreams. This was possible with his unswerving dedication and passion towards the dream that he converted into reality. He is a natural leader and this quality has made him as successful as he is. He was never a follower. Taking inspiration from the national heroes of the bygone era, K. J. Rathod has satisfied his appetite of doing something different. He always has broken the conventional path and with his innovative and creative thinking, came up with products that have set trends for others to follow. These qualities when translated into business, combined with his passion, made him rule the writing arena with four brands – Flair, Pierre Cardin, Landmark, and Rudi Kellner.

His innovative thinking has helped the company stay a step ahead of others. From being the first company to introduce high end ‘Metal Pen’ to Indian market, to being the first Indian company to export pens in 1975, to bringing in the longest writing pens, he has set trends and changed the dynamics of the industry through his ability to take risks. Under his able guidance, today, Flair has fledged its wings in more than 75 countries with production units in India, Egypt and Kenya.

Taking motivation from every determined and focused soul, K. J. Rathod has created a niche for himself.

The man with bounteous efficacy undoubtedly goes the herculean way…


  • ƒƒ He as a leader strongly believes that if you make honest and ethical behavior a key value, your team will follow suit.
  • ƒƒ He trusts his team with the brand’s vision and that sure is a sign of his strength as an effective leader.
  • ƒƒ His ability to constantly find humor in the struggles, make the work environment a happier place. A healthy space is created where employees look forward to work.
  • ƒƒ His natural intuition guides the entire team when everything is uncertain and the pressure is high along with the risks.
  • ƒƒ As an efficient leader, he acknowledges the work that everyone has dedicated and commends the team on each of their efforts.

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