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Juice Centre – 32 Teeth
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Juice Centre – 32 Teeth


Juice Centre – 32

TeethThe source where reading seems interesting and the zone of knowledge gets accumulated glancing on the essence hidden behind the values of life and intimidating characters, a novel written by the prolific writer, Sumant Poddar.

A budding Author and a businessman from Kolkata, Mr. Sumant Poddar is a passionate writer, a businessman, a traveler and a family person. He is also an avid sportsman.

His first Book was One Amongst Us and his latest release is “Juice Centre-32 Teeth”, Mr. Poddar takes his inspiration & ideas from the society. “One Amongst Us” and “Juice Centre-32 teeth” both are the beginnings of his writing entity. Since his grown up days in Kolkata, he wanted to be an observer of the society and now he is painting the observed pictures with his words.

“Juice Centre – 32 Teeth” aims to create a bunch of fictitious characters with real straits of life. This novel will allow readers to find themselves in the book in some way or the other. The characters portray a sense of reality and values of life that we all look forward to and on the flip side, run away from.

Author: Sumant Poddar
Publishing House: Whatabook
Pages: 159
Cost: INR 100

According to Sumant Poddar, “Life is like a kahani. It every day introduces us with new stories, some are pragmatic, some are utopian and some are pragmatically utopian. With both the book and movie’s kahani revolving around the various dimensions of the society, this was a perfect platform to launch the book which definitely has a kahani to say.”

The book explores the aspect of the honesty beautifully wrapped in the day-to-day affairs of a society, where people push to live ahead of each other. Elements of trust, mistrust, passion, loyalty, honesty, love, failure and many more steps of humane life can be experienced.

Juice Centre – 32 Teeth is definitely a film material, written in simple words. The story unfolds with lined up teachings that helps in breaking away from the conservative mindset.

The fictional story depicts trust and honestly, mistrust, crime, passion, failure and search, thereby relating oneself in various quarters of life. Once you grow with the book, you will find how the title evolves and how the story evolves along with the title of the book. Of course, the choice is purely individual and personal. From the book, will the protagonist have his way till the end? Will justice prevail? Will love win? Will crime, passion and honestly see the light of the day?

He has studied from The Park English School, Calcutta, completed his high-school from St. Xaviers Collegiate School, Calcutta and B. Com. From St. Xaviers College, Calcutta. His post graduation degree is an “Associate Company Secretary” ACS from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Currently, he is well settled in family business. He lives with his family in Calcutta.

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