Judges ‘in line for £60,000 pay rise’

Judges could reportedly be in line for an annual pay rise of almost £60,000 in a move which could spark fury among public sector workers. 

A Government-commissioned report has recommended High Court judges should receive a 32 per cent salary hike, the Daily Mail reported.

The rise would see their pay jump from £181,500-a-year to £240,000 – an increase of more than £1,100-a-week.

The proposed increase – by the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) – is said to have been justified by claims of low morale within the judiciary.

A combination of long and stressful hours and a series of tax changes to pension schemes for high earners was said to have led to a recruitment crisis, with a sharp fall in the numbers applying to join the bench.

However a rise on that scale could infuriate other public sector workers – such as nurses, soldiers, teachers and prison officers – who have been restricted to single-figure percentage increases.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) confirmed that the SSRB’s report had been received by Theresa May and Justice Secretary David Gauke at the end of September.

However, officials said no decisions had been taken as to whether to accept its recommendations.

A MoJ spokesman said: “The Government values the work of our world-renowned judiciary, which is why we commissioned this review and are considering its recommendations. We will respond in due course.”

Press Association

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