Rabeth-KhanThe spearhead of the second fastest growing technology company in Singapore, and the leading trading and risk management solution provider in the soft and agricultural commodity space in Asia today, Joel Lou, the Vice President of Just- Commodity Software Solutions has turned the tables around for the organization in just 5 years. Apart from managing sales and professional services revenues, he also heads the consultancy unit of JustCommodity and manages the corporate strategy. In line with the company’s culture of working as a family, Lou intends to extend the family spirit by creating a community of traders and intermediaries using JustCommodity, allowing them to trade and process settlement more efficiently with each other.

Through common shared values such as integrity, one family and one community, Joel leads a team which succeeds at finding creative and appropriate solutions for the biggest commodities players in the industry. Through his thought leadership, JCSS has won numerous awards, including Singapore’s Enterprise 50, and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 in Asia Pacific for two consecutive years. Most notably, Joel was conferred “Most Promising Entrepreneur of the Year” by APEA in 2011. Joel oversees the overall corporate strategy of JCSS but also heads the sales and consultancy segments. He sets out to accomplish his vision to innovate, empower and transform the commodity trading industry by constantly questioning the company’s processes in an era when new technology comes into play ever more frequently.




  • He has a vision that can innovate, empower and transform the industry.
  • Hard work is held in high regards as before JustCommodity he spent several years as a commodities broker where he gained hands-on exposure to the rigours of commodity trading.
  • Apart from on the desk operations, off the desk Joel loves to play golf and is an avid wine collector.
  • His hands-on trading exposure with a focus on soft commodities, coupled with his background in information systems, gave him the tools and knowledge which would be the backbone of his later success with JCSS.
  • Joel aims at extending JCSS’ values to an international community of traders and intermediaries, giving them new opportunities to trade with each other on an innovative global platform.

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