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PICO is India’s first hot sauce brand. With a staggering global demand for hot sauce. With a sharp focus on spicy condiments that are inspired by Ind ian cuisine and flavours, PICO holds a unique positioning within the broader sauce market.

PICO has focused in on a surprising opportunity in India which coincidentally is synonymous with spicy food. PICO plans to become India’s number one hot sauce. A recent expansion of the PICO range of spicy condiments has included classic Indian chutneys for a very specific reason: the Indian chutney is the original hot sauce – that is to say a spicy condiment that adds a burst of intense flavour to the food with every bite. By incorporating the chutneys into PICO’s existing range of hot sauces, PICO places to offer a new face of the original chutney and upgrade its image for the urban time-short working professionals who don’t have time to make chutneys from scratch every day – in fact many of them don’t even have a kitchen to prepare them! PICO is the future of chutneys and sauces in India.

PICO is in many ways the new face of where Indian FMCG is going and has created a demand for packaged brands that offer creativity and attractive design work beyond just a great-tasting product. Also without needing any understanding of how to cook, a hot sauce or a chutney can empower you and turn you into a food enthusiast with all the tools you need to make a great meal even tastier. PICO stands as a reminder that nothing needs to be just OK ever again – grab life with both hands and make every bite count.

1. 12 month shelf life.
2. The brand focuses on young urban India.

1. PICO launched as a packaged food brand in the market in 2014.
2. PICO is India’s first hot sauce brand.

The brand does whatever it takes to maintain the highest level of quality, even if it forces it to compromise on its profitability. Where possible it stays away from pastes / pulps and work directly from the real fruit / vegetable. If there is ever a choice in quality between raw materials, Pico often opt for the one that makes its product taste the best irrespective of the change in cost that needed to bear as a result.

While the brand has recently introduced a range of ‘daily essentials’ including a high tomato content Tomato Ketchup and some staples like Red Chilli Sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce, PICO’s range of sauces includes products that have never been made by any other brand across the globe. The brand offers consumers innovation that is not matched by any other brand.

The brand plans to continue growing in India’s biggest Metros, with a sharp focus on young, urban India. Pico is taking steps to establish itself as the new face of the traditional Indian Chutney, and plans to do this by showing people that they can get the same fresh tasting chutney without needing to prepare it from scratch each time. Its wonderfully convenient packaging and 12 month shelf life give PICO’s chutneys an advantage above home-made versions.

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