Citizenship/Residence India/UK

Jasvinder, a survivor of a forced marriage and an outspoken campaigner, is an author and the Founder and Chief Executive of Karma Nirvana, a UK-based nationwide helpline initiated with a view to create a support network for women who experienced language and cultural barriers or are impacted by forced marriages and honor-based violence. Jasvinder has used the authority of her life experience to inform legislative change in the UK and has been credited for her role in bringing about the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act of 2007. She is also the author of the two bestselling books Shame and Daughters of Shame, as well as the recently-published Shame Travels. Few of her accolades being The Woman of the Year Award 2007, Pride of Britain Award 2009, Global Punjabi Society Award 2012, Cosmopolitan Wonder Woman Award 2010, Inspirational Woman of the Year Award 2008, Asian Woman Achievement Award 2007, Ambassador for Peace Award 2008 and many others.