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Jasminder Singh
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jasminder-singhFounder – Edwardian Group

He is the founder of the Edwardian Group, which was established in 1977 and led it to join with Radisson in 1993, to become the Radisson Edwardian Hotels group, and then later Edwardian Group London. He continues to set the direction, strategy, vision and culture for the senior management team and all who work at Edwardian Group London, maintaining the stature he has built, since the inception.

Born in Tanzania in 1951, Jasminder Singh founded Edwardian Hotels after the acquisition of Edwardian Hotel in London, thus foraying into the sector of hospitality with a vision of providing the best. Being the Chairman and Chief Executive of Radisson Edwardian Hotels, Jasminder Singh now operates as many as 12 luxury four and five star hotels, making him one of the richest Punjabies outside India.

Key attributes:

1. The collection of his hotels has a typical blend of art and culture of the Edwardian period and modern facilities to offer comfort and luxury, making them one of the bests in this sector.

2. Edwardian hotel, also possess a franchise agreement with US-based Radisson Hotels. The agreement states that the Radisson Hotels will run their properties under the Radisson Edwardian  banner, whose turnover is £90m., thus showcasing his expansionist techniques, to establish the chain globally.

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