Success, for most, is a story to inspire from, only for few does this becomes a legacy. Air Marshal Jamal Uddin Ahmed, Chairman of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, has been an iconic personality when it comes to highlighting some of the most inspiring success stories heard by this world. While his own origin in aviation dates back to 1965 when he first joined the Pakistan Air Force Academy, his journey with Biman Board as a Chairman is an episode of 26th January, 2009. A man brimming with qualities and characteristics which make him an accomplished leader, Jamal Uddin Ahmed attributes all this to his background in the Airforce. It was his potential to envisage the future and the tenacity to take the necessary actions so as to transform dreams into reality. Under his succession some bright mornings were witnessed by the airline – the move to becoming a PLC, a precursor to possible privatization in the future – the order for 10 new Boeing aircraft, and convincing the various government departments to support, when they had an aged fleet an, the recruitment of an expatriate CEO are some of the most vital chapters from their in-exhaustive book of success. His tireless efforts in making the name grow at large enabled him to create an image of the brand such that they are genuinely viewed by Bangladesh is at home and overseas as ‘their home in the sky’. With determination, focus and a task oriented mind frame and his constant trials towards making customer needs a prime priority, Jamal Uddin Ahmed has made his presence evident across the globe as a powerful leader, which, Aisa’s Most Promising observes as a fact to be held in high regards.



  • ƒƒ Transforming an airline where initially the staff was neither customer nor service oriented, where there was scarcity of innovation and investment and where everything rolled downhill, into a venture which ‘customers’ believe to be a “Home in the Skies.” – This whole journey is the doing of this one man!
  • ƒƒ He is a visionary who seeks to supplement the “Home in the Skies” reputation with being a modern, high quality, profitable and strongly customer-focused airlines, with products and services to match.
  • ƒƒ One leader who has been able to pick up his personal philosophy and imbibe it into the very veins of his organization, “Work hard, play hard, and be successful!”
  • ƒƒ His drive towards glory has given roots to some of the most stunning statistics ever unveiled – Since its inception in 1972, Biman has so far carried 6,56,000 hajj pilgrims to the holy shrines of the Saudi Arabia.
  • ƒƒ As an augmentation to all embellishments that adorn their walls, this year they have successfully carried some 45,000 record numbers of pilgrims to the Jeddah in 30 days time on the occasion of holy Hajj, the biggest congregation of the Muslim world.

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