Jadavji Lalji Anchorwala (Shah) was born to Lalji Velji Shah on 9th May 1939, a Kutchi businessman in Kundrodi, Kutch, Gujarat, who migrated from Kutch to Mumbai to start a Kirana (provision store). Jadavji Anchorwala in many ways epitomizes his homeland – Kutch – a strong terrain that bravely battles extreme scorching heat. At a very early age he displayed a keen sense of business acumen. His very first entrepreneurial venture was a seasonal business of selling crackers on the footpath of Worli. From crackers, he moved on to exploring different small businesses like worker’s coupons.
Not one to be contented easily and a futuristic vision he ventured into the big league. Along with his brother, Damji Anchorwala started a mould-making workshop in a distant suburb of Mumbai – Malad. However, two years down the line, the business suffered a major setback and the family took a decision to exit from it. Not one to accept defeat, Jadavji Anchorwala displayed a fiery instinct and indomitable will by taking the challenge head on. He started making electrical switches for brands like Jagmag and Bajaj.
He had spotted this opportunity and with great foresight to tap the huge potential of the category, he launched the brand ‘ANCHOR’ in 1963 along with his elder brother. This marked the beginning of an incredible journey in electrical solutions. In just two years Anchor proudly became the market leader. Known in the industry as the pioneer of Piano Switches, he later diversified his business from just switches to total electrical solutions. Jadavji Anchorwala is a man of few words, and has always let his actions speak louder than his words. He plays an active role in community service and spreading education to the needy. Now at the age of 76, he is rewriting the rules of the industry by making GreatWhite one of the fastest growing brands, in just 3 years, with great visibility across India. His passion for brand creation doesn’t end here. His other ventures include Anchor writing instruments, Anchor Paints and has many real estate projects under Anchor Realty.
A true family man, irrespective of hectic schedules and business meetings, he always takes time out for the family to bond with them over dinner, every night. He has imbibed in his sons the most invaluable teaching in life – ‘This money is not yours; you are just a Trusty’. Taking a leaf out of his father’s teachings, he rightfully quotes – “Udar banje – udau nahi “ (be generous, not a prodigal)

A Truly living Legend.

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