is “I get every job I interview for” really a bragging point? — Ask a Manager

A reader writes:

I keep hearing over and over from people offering job search advice that they “have gotten every job they’ve ever interviewed for.”

Is that really something worth bragging about? Does it change by industry/skills needed for the job?

For context, a lot of people I’ve heard this from are either entry-level/early career, more administrative function, and once an HR rep.

I work in a niche engineering field and have had several interviews where the job wasn’t a good fit, I wasn’t exactly what they were looking for, or whatever else led to not getting the job despite getting positive feedback. My dad is a lawyer and he told me to expect 10 interviews to get one job offer when I was searching for my first job.

So, can I continue to roll my eyes and ignore my friends that claim they are great at job searching because they’ve gotten every job they’ve interviewed for?

Getting every job you’ve ever interviewed for can mean all kinds of things:

* you’re really good at interviewing (which does not necessarily mean you’re really good at your actual work, although it can)
* you’ve interviewed with people who aren’t terribly discerning
* you haven’t applied for many jobs
* you’re in a field that’s easily impressed by Quality X, which you have
* you are lying or selectively remembering
* you are in fact amazing

And if you’re hearing this from people who are entry-level/early career, we’re talking about a group that hasn’t had that many interviews, so they’re not really working from a statistically significant sample size. (They’re not really equipped to offer job search advice at that stage either.)

In general, assuming that it’ll take ~10 interviews to get one job offer is a pretty good expectation. In any given situation it might take less or it might take more, but it would be silly to go into a job search expecting that it’ll only take an interview or two.

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