Rabeth-KhanA prominent figure in Indonesia’s watch business, Irwan Danny Mussry is the Chairman of Time International, that retails 27 medium and high-end watch brands, such as Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Zenith, Cartier as well as Rolex, the most popular luxury watch brand in Indonesia. At the time of inception of Time International he had decided to not sell mass-produced watches at all. Later in 1979, a service station was opened and they became the distributor for Gucci. Since that day forward, there was just no looking back for Irwan. As humble a man as himself, he gives a major chunk of credit to his team by saying, “I could not have done it without my team. I have no doubt about that. I remember when we started this business, as newcomers, Victor and I had to wait a couple of hours just to sell one or two pieces. Also, sometimes people refused to meet us. Facing rejection is hard, but we became used to it. Thank God, we did not give up easily. We’d seen struggle before, in our family, as there were ups and downs in their business too. I believe being rejected is part of the business, rejection makes us stronger”

Knowledge is the only treasure that grows when you share, and thus on similar grounds Irwan’s firm publishes a free glossy magazine, The Time Place, filled with interesting articles in English and Indonesian. The content of the magazine itself is moving with the times, particularly if one compares the latest edition with the first one, which was published in January 2004.




  • His dedication towards his work is awe-inspiring. The will with which he drives the business is the reason for their excellence today.
  • The key factor in a business according to him is – training. In one of his interviews he said, “Our staff is trained by the brands, if you have any questions about the watches, you can ask them. In my opinion, every customer is entitled to all their rights, from fair price to good service.”
  • A risk taker by birth, Irwin enjoys anything which has to do with speed – be it sport of work. It is because of his fast paced work style that Time International never ceases to grow.
  • One of those few businessmen who actually consider customers as the most integral part of their business and does anything to everything he can to satisfy them.
  • His fear of having to regret in future makes him an apt leader for his business design. The ever dynamic Irwan shall continue to excel in times to come.

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