INDUSTRY EYE – Media and Event Management Industry in India enterprising the change


Media and Event Management Industry in India enterprising the change

“In Media the “squeaky wheel” gets the oil. You have to put yourself out there, to find people who will relate, aggrandize or even debate with you, depending on what you are looking for. Event management industry has become a force to be reckoned with.” by Pratiksha Kapoor

The elephantine scale and elaborate weddings, music launches, corporate conferences, themed parties aren’t churned in a day. It is a product of many months of diligent leviathan effortless understanding, dedication, creativity and a lot of sweat and travail.
The media and entertainment industry being a multi core industry integrates strategy, creativity and technology to provide interactive entertainment & event solutions to a global audience, providing a blend of event spirit conglomerating intuitive consultation, timeless efforts and flawless execution. According to a recent report published by Price Waterhouse and Coopers, the entertainment segment alone is poised to grow at 20 percent in the coming years. Along with increased demand for special events, and perhaps because of it, the industry has become much more sophisticated. Communication for the brands has become need of the hour with the rampant increase in discerning consumers.
Talking of the extremity in regards to strategic communication, the industry mitigates and assuages this multi fold process.The general positive shift in the business sentiment and increased spending by the government, corporate, films, television or radio on communication has resulted in a robust growth of the industry.
Twenty years ago, a party was a tablecloth and a centerpiece. The pioneers of many extravagant and mesmerizing events have been instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India. Companies seek to invest in high-end event/ production infrastructure. This enables them to provide state-of-the-art sound, lighting & lasers, video, décor & webcasting facilities at par with the best in the world. With the two umbrella divisions of communication and entertainment, the industry seeks to integrate and create a unique and powerful mixes of brand communication and positioning. There has been an explosion in branded event properties, across segments like music, literature and arts.
CAREER– Millions of events multiplied by hundreds of hours spent planning equals to many, many opportunities for those entering this field. Career in the industry seems to be alluring youth with its plethora of futuristic options letting one encompass a four chambered monotonous working routine, with travel and exposure ensuring economic stability. Though the basic toolkit to get into the profession is wide and subjective several foundational as well as specialised academic courses have been taken up by respected institutes throughout the country.
Technical developments are another trend noticed in the industry. The use of advanced equipments has resulted in greater interaction within the event creating an avant- garde for its consumers. Setting the industry ablaze is breakthrough technological advancements. Event Apps like hootsuite and bizzabo provides a platform to manage all aspects of event from registration, mailing to social marketin iBeacons, an AR Concept are small devices to fit out with Bluetooth devices, and are compatible with Apple and android smartphones. They can be used at events to serve multiple uses including sending notifications, alerts about events and seminars, facilitate networking among attendees. The immersive technology Oculus Rift, as well as Google Cardboard and Microsoft HoloLens, when used with Windows 10 the software is capable of producing holograms on screen without the use of wires, phones or a connection to a computer .
With every day gliding by, the functioning of Event Industry is aggrandizing professionally.  The industry caters to events in four broad categories: Leisure, Cultural, Personal and Organizational. Rising household as well as company incomes, growing number of corporate awards and conferences, television and sports events, reality shows and so on are helping this sector grow.
Powerful event and communication influencers have mastered the long-preached art of quality services. Virtually and in person any earthling or group can reap social capital with the right access to the audiences at the right time – no matter how “difficult” the industry seems.

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