infodilIndofil Industries Limited (Indofil), a K K Modi group flagship company, has been a well-established name in the Agricultural Chemicals as well as Specialty & Performance Chemicals Business for over 5 decades. Focused on improving the farmer economics for its customers, in India and globally, it has the ambition “To become a Global Leader in Growth with Customer Success”.

Indofil is a research-led and fully integrated chemical company has emerged as a successful and vibrant enterprise, riding high on philosophy of retaining loyalty and enlarging the fold of satisfied customers in India. The company has significant presence in international agricultural chemical market with an objective of being a most preferred supplier of Mancozeb. Its footprint has expanded considerably since its foray in the international market. The company believes in staying in tune with customer’s pulse, offering wider range of quality products, technical and logistic support, customized packing and prompt delivery. Today, the company has carved out a presence in the global arena and earned the recognition of being a reputed supplier.

1. World’s one of the largest quality Mancozeb producer.
2. Strong domestic brand and Distribution.
1. Excellence in concept development through innovative marketing organization.
2. Focused approach on crop care concept and productivity improvement.
3. Strong R&D with GLP certified Analytical Lab and Registration team.

Steadfast focus on research and development is what drives Indofil. The brand has a very strong domestic base and a well-recognized international presence. Both businesses viz, Agricultural Chemicals and Specialty & Performance Chemicals are poised for much faster growth through partnerships and joint ventures for manufacturing, marketing and research and development activities with prospective companies across the world. Indofil takes pride in collaborating with various partners in countries like Japan, Europe, Korea, US etc.

The company’s operations started with Thane, Maharashtra plant that was set-up in 1962. Its capacity has increased 4 times since then, maintaining highest standards of safety and environmental compliance. Indofil continues to possess one of the most modern production facilities in the industry. It is one of the world’s largest EBDC fungicide plants, producing different variants and mixtures of the popular fungicides. It also has facility at Dahej SEZ (Special Economic Zone). Along with these two multi-product, state-ofthe- art PLC-based (Programmable Logic Control) manufacturing facilities, Indofil has multiple toll units across various locations in India. The facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified, and the processes are fully automated with advanced equipment and environmentally-compliant machines, ensuring faster throughput and safe working conditions. Indofil further strengthened its presence in Europe by acquiring Dithane Europe business from Dow Agrosciences LLC.., USA. The brand has received several accolades in the industry. Indofil is recognized as ‘India’s Best companies to work for 2015- Top 100 list’ by Great Place to Work. Indofil also got the Second Runners up Award in the “Best Innovative Exporters 2011-12” by ECGC & Dun & Bradstreet. Dahej facility got ‘India Manufacturing Excellence Award’ by Frost & Sullivan and Economic Times.

Indofil has a robust IT system which efficiently facilitates the business processes. The Company has modified its distribution network to ensure a constant interaction between the sales force, the distributor and the ultimate customer. The company has shifted its focus from Crop protection chemical supplier to Crop Care Company to promote crop care concept (right solution to crop problem). Regular Crop Care training programmes for the farmers are organized to create awareness about effective crop protection techniques to minimize crop losses and improving yields. All the business processes in the company are online and are guided through an ERP system. This is done with the objective of reaching the company’s products and services to the customers in the shortest possible time. Indofil continuously strives to develop new concepts to meet the challenges of changing requirements of the crops.

Quality Management System at the company, spearheaded by Quality Assurance Function, acknowledges the customer’s need related to the products, packing, documentation and timely delivery. The goal is to fulfill the same through well-defined and integrated processes driven by the manufacturing team, with firm conviction on: ‘Firsttime- right’ and ‘zero tolerance for deviations and defects’. Sustenance and enhancement of customer satisfaction are achieved by adopting a factual approach to decision making through data analysis using statistical tools including six-sigma.

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