India's Most Valuable Brands 2018
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India’s Most Valuable Brands 2018, powerbrands in India is the ranking of the 200 Most Valuable Brands. Regarded as India’s Greatest Brands, It based on the Parameters of Brand Value, Brand Trust, Digital Impact, Social Impact and Responsibility Impact. Trusted by the consumers, researched by ibrands 360 PLUS and DIGIPERFORM. India’s Most Valuable Brands 2018 features the ranking of 200 Brands in India spread across 50 Categories from 15 broad industries. It involves the most transparent primary & secondary research and consumer survey to establish accurate linkage between the brands and their respective consumers. The largest multi-platform ‘brand trust’ and ‘loyalty benchmark’ project involves the most prestigious brands in the Indian market that have, by virtue of their unique value propositions and attributes, established an incomparable legacy and have reinforced a profound and meaningful connect with their customers. The MOST VALUABLE BRANDS OF THE YEAR, Powerbrands in India  is a research endeavour to showcase and recognise such brands which have stamped their authority on the Indian market by virtue of their pristine credibility and enormous customer following. The premise of the project is to be able to forge a knowledge connect between various brands across industry categories all of whom have acquired ‘most valuable’ status.The idea is also to provide a mutually beneficial platform across all media formats and platforms.

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#India’s Most Valuable Brands, 2018 Ranking

The differentiated concept for print, broadcast and digital media involving the most valuable brands of the year among consumers for Innovation, Aspiration, Admiration. The only brands credibility benchmark process, which concentrates on sales boost through BRANDSTUBE, a property of WCRC. Brand trust and loyalty benchmarking via Research and Analysis by ibrands 360 in the most transparent format of online survey, online voting, primary and secondary surveys, validated comprehensively by checks and balances to reinforce precision and authenticity. Most Valuable Brands of the year is based on the broad parameters of brand value proposition, brand persona, prestige, brand reinvention, social conscience, marketing connect and ‘Cult Premium’ (propensity to influence consumer action), rendering it a greater wide-sweeping and multi-dimensional competitive advantageExtremely innovative concept across all presentation formats. The largest multi-platform brand project, showcasing the chosen brands in the grandest version of printportal and broadcast media formats. Others are primarily single-medium.The most creatively designed and fascinating production exhibit for the chosen brands in the brand book.The format is poised to be more impactful than contemporary offerings. Combined with the digital component and dynamic web consumer interface on the Most Valuable Brands website and the extremely innovative print presentation, the project implies a host of engaging and far-reaching benefits , not confined to any one element of communication only. The ranking of India’s Greatest Brands. The 200 Powerbrands in India who are India’s Most Valuable Brands


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