INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED CEO’S: Dr. K Hari Prasad, Apollo Hospitals

Your leadership style 

K Hari Prasad, Apollo Hospital
K Hari Prasad, Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospitals India

My leadership style is more participative and I believe in taking my team together in all the initiatives. The uniqueness is all about creating new ideas at work, and growing up, and searching for the best.

It includes working “on the ground” with the teams, involving them in every process, and moving ahead “with “them rather than dictating and having that “aura” of a leader.

Your Journey

I was a Medical graduate and practiced anesthesia for quite a number of years. The change process in my career was when I realized that we have a fragmented healthcare system in our country. The idea was to move from a fragmented system to a more comprehensive system.

That was the reason in my early years I started working on emergency systems across the city of Hyderabad and tried to create a more comprehensive ‘hub and spoke’ model. The model turned out to be very successful and was implemented across the country.

In my current role, as the Group President for Apollo Hospitals, my complete efforts are focused on the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) for the group. This plan actually streamlines all the activities for the year for every hospital and in every specialty.

This largely helps the hospitals to just adhere to the same and implement the plan rather than changing them during the year. This also helps every hospital to synergize and channel their efforts in a well-planned direction.

Approach to Change

Change is a way of life. I truly believe that unless we don’t get challenged with change, we can never grow. We need to continuously invent and reinvent new strategies, way to improve our clinical outcomes, improve technology, patient & staff satisfaction and healthy EBIDTA margins for company’s continuous growth.

What are you really into outside of work? 

Technology, gadgets is what really excites me.

What are the 5 key roles of a successful leader 

I would go completely with Stephen Covey’s idea of a successful leader with an addition from my end-

  • Create vision
  • Execute strategy
  • Coach potential
  • Inspire trust
  • Focus on sustenance

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change? 

Though on the competitive landscape, the dots are many, still Apollo has been the most successful healthcare provider in this part of the world.

Success for us is all about delivering the right and safe outcomes to the patients and their families, a safe environment for our staff and running a healthy business so that we have enough cash flow for upgrading our technology and systems and provide a sustainable growth to our shareholders.

The future growth would be to sustain what we are currently doing and move up the ladder. The goals would be to continue our focus on our clinical outcomes, patient safety and a healthy business environment.

Your Big Goals

Creating a complete emergency network within Andhrapradesh/Telangana

Streamlining and standardizing the complete processes within the group through an annual operating plan- drafting, implementation, monitoring & sustenance

Consistently providing new solutions for sustained growth and creating healthy EBIDTA margins for Apollo Hospitals Group

Give me one word that describes you the best 


What’s your biggest Dream in life? 

A healthy India with accessible and affordable healthcare solutions 

Would you rather be respected or feared and why? 

Respected for the work that we do together as a team 

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