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Honours to the Fastest Growing Brands in India for 2015-2016

1. Kabir Bedi honoring brand excellence to the fastest growing brands.
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2. TBD Tradelink being awarded with Fast50 brands, 2016.
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3. Preeti Patkar and Kabir Bedi Unveiling Fast50 winners.
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4. Expression of Glory..
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5. Testimony of brand’s value, strength and character.
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6. Defining moment for Talent edge.
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7. Trailblazing.
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8. Proliferators and Game-changers.
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9. Hangyo Ice-cream being acknowledged for its success in its respective industry.
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10. Resolute and Resonance.
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11. Aspiring towards great heights.
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12. Marya Day is a unique leading brand of India promoted with three core business areas.
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13. Fast50 2016 Brand Awards.
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14. The Antriksh has emerged as one of the leading real estate development firms in India.
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15. Artius is the pioneer in India to design and manufacture Solid wood window and doors system.
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16. Jumping on the bandwagon.
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17. Cona Electricals receiving Fast50 2016.
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18. Landsliding Victory.
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19. GreatWhite Electricals, is a vision of a group that once pioneered the first ‘Piano’ switches.
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20. Brands having the world by its tail.
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21. A Roaring Success.
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22. Kalamandir receiving its award for its blockbuster success.
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