In her own words

‘Violence as a weapon for any good cause is truly a shame on human civilisation’ 

irom-chanu33-pageEvery nation has its own social problems. Likewise, Manipur has full of problems due to mismanagement and violence. My demand is not the only solution.
I just protest to repeal this very draconian law that gives the armed forces the power of indiscriminate killing of innocent with impunity which is now occurred continually in Manipur. Enacting such an inhuman law to curb insurgency in indeed an act of cowardness on the part of the legislators and a shame on human civilization. Instead, they should utilize sincere conscience with full commitment so as to conquer the hearts of the revolutionaries. With love, we are all changeable.

Once you become a big public figure for a great good cause, you will never get free from critics about your behaviour. Your admirers will like to decide and remain interfere with your destiny and your personal life as well. And yet, in positive sense you are much brighter, much expanded in view as a humanity than before.Still they have no sincere commitment to meet my demand.

I am truth I couldn’t say how they see us or me. I just want to wait for the infallible judgement of God without sensing what the happenings are around me. I blame Union Government, but not the whole citizens for almost every politician is corrupt and sunning and inconsistent as well with the anti-corruption bill pass. That was why I said that their consensus is artificial.
I’m just an innocent woman who eagers for peace and justice only. I can’t envisage anything for my native land or of the NO. Positivity is not harmful, so, just I hope. I’m the rest of my life, I shall never be a politician regardless of any conditions.

Sharmila is a simple citizen who wants her country prevailed with justice and harmony, for which, she volunteered to exert her spirit in the same manner of an insured sports person with games spirit who played persistently ignoring his painful injury so as not to miss his covert goal.
She dreams of enjoying all the seven stages of human life with full taste of self maturing health, happiness and prosperity in a corruption free society.
She aspires to be the guest of the whole world, accompanying by her life partner like a couple of peace angels.
I’ll try to convince my audience that violence as a weapon for any good cause is truly a shame on human civilisation. Because unlike other sentient beings we the humans have extraordinary brains to be utilized of being a social for maintaining this world.