‎Drive and Park

Read this and do NOT get this game

If I could rate it zero I would. Do not get this game!!! I’m on another app and this comes up. “That looks so fun!” I say I go into the App Store and look at the name. SERIOUSLY. DRIVE AND PARK! The most boring name everrrr. I’m gonna lose it. I get the game and I’m LITERALLY about to press play for the FIRST time and an add comes up. Not that bad right? Then like 4 more!!! Finally I hit play, and lose after that like 7 more adds! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Don’t get this game. If u have it delete it. Now. Share this with someone. My parents check my phone for bad stuff, she literally saw this game and played one round and throws it onto the bed after 3 adds. If ur like this game. Ok ya sure. Ur a loooser u like this game? Then apparently you like a million adds a second. Share this. I said share it. Stop reading!!!! Share it I said stop now!!!! Have u shared it and now ur reading this, ok…. SHARE IT AGAIN!!!!!!

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