Saturday, July 2018
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The Western Ghats, blessed by the altitude of the Sahyadri Ranges, envelop little sleepy hollows. These petite hill-stations, popularised by the British Raj to beat the Indian heat, are jewels in the hills. In the mornings, sunbeams play hide-and-seek through the rolling dawn mist. By afternoon, they are still cool thanks to their height. As evening falls, they bundle up in blankets of fog, toasty aromas wafting from local pots.
From north to south, the Western Ghats rise steep. Some ranges dip straight into the Arabian Sea, while others meander around, jumping over waterfalls and lakes. Each of the major cities in Maharashtra has the bounty of a hill-station within a few hours’ driving distance. So rich and varied is the state’s topography that each of these homes in the hills is unique. Let no cynic tell you that two hill-stations are similar; each have their characteristic charm, charisma and allure

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