Herryanto Siatono


Herryanto Siatono

A web developer, designer and founder of Pluit Solutions, Herryanto Siatono instigated a social network for book-lover in 2006.

Earlier in January 2006, Herryanto just finished reading an AJAX in Action book, which led him to look for a project and intuitively, the idea of BookJetty was born, which perfectly matched to the requirements of the Ajax mechanism.

“When it worked, I thought about sharing it with others; as it really saved a lot of my time swapping to and fro between Amazon and NLB online catalogue sites,” stated Herryanto during an interview.

Started-off as a quick-hack from Singapore, BookJetty simply allowed users to browse Amazon catalogs and check their availability in the National Library Board Singapore (NLB) subsequently. Today, BookJetty is a popular service among more than 6,000 people, most of whom are Singaporean users.

Over time it has branched out to allow users to catalog and tag their books, keeping track of books they have read, want to read or are currently reading. Users are also able to write book reviews, comment on reviews, login with Facebook or Twitter account and share their bookshelf updates with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

It currently links up with over 300 libraries from 11 countries, i.e. Singapore, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and others.

He believes that being young it is important to be innovative and practical while staying focused, and enjoying your work. The main challenge, he can think of, is to build enough credibility so that customers know that the organisation can deliver.

For marketing, he initially posted on online forums, but the response he received was limited as forum can easily loose out to the new ones. But later, the word got out and people started blogging about Book Jetty therefore bringing in new traffic to the site.

Now 30, Herryanto also founded Pluit Solutions, a web application design and development house. He was 6 years into the Java web development scene but converted to a project for exploit technologies in 2013.

Early in 2014, Herryanto was nominated for the Business Week’s Asia’s Young Entrepreneur.

His believes that, “As people started to be creative and adventurous again, trying out new ideas and having new hopes, it is great seeing people around the world working hard again, pushing beyond the boundary to what we can do with the web.”

Web 2.0 has brought a new excitement not just to the web industry but also to this young entrepreneur.