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Hemant Kumar Sikaria

Mounthill Realty

61-hemant-kumar-sikariaThe founder of Mounthill Realty, Hemant Kumar Sikaria, is a dynamic entrepreneur. He is dedicated towards fulfilling his vision of providing shelter to people, thus ushering in peace and happiness in the society. He shares his vision with others so that a collaborative approach may be adopted to achieve the desired goals.

Sikaria, after completing his post-graduation in finance in 2006, had a clear mind to enter the real estate sector. He established a real estate broking firm – Brown Bricks Realty Pvt. Ltd. In the initial days of the start-up, Sikaria and his team broke their backs at work. Those were the days which opened his eyes to the wide scope in this field and also gave him a clear vision of what had to be achieved. Thus, he got working towards his goals from the very initial days of the setup.

Bellagio was the first independent project he took up. And the very first project taught him a big lesson about “product conceptualisation.” Sikaria put his heart and soul into the first project. He wanted it to be exceptional so that it would create a niche and a permanent mark in the market. He went against the accepted norm of new builders entering the market with low-cost housing projects and it worked.

Hemant is a spiritually enlightened man and highly active on the social front. His company is associated with World Peace Foundation which is a spiritual organisation with a vision to awaken the entire world through enlightenment, non-violence, vegetarianism and meditation. Regular workshops are conducted to spread words about the vision of the organisation. His effective leadership has led to rapid growth of the company. It has projects lined up in Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Within a short span of 3 years, Mounthill has seen an over-10 times growth. Starting from a scratch, today Sikaria’s company is worth Rs 80 crore.

Sikaria believes in out of the box thinking and has a unique way of solving a problem. He makes sure that each department in the value chain – HR, technical, business coordination, operations, design – has a mid-management or top management executive to increase productivity and improve service delivery. This, in turn, contributed to overall customer satisfaction. Sikaria has been a great achiever at a really young age. He has received the Young Achiever Award in Real Estate from WCRC and Excellence in CSR Initiative Award from WCRC. His commitment and dedication towards his work and vision have shown great results.

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