Rabeth-KhanHamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi, is the Founder and President & Chairman of the Board of Arab Business Club, an international busi-ness platform that was formed with desire to develop trustworthy business relations across the globe. The Arab Business Club aims to break through cultural, social and geographical barriers in doing business and offers a platform to start, strengthen and promote regional and international business relations between the Arab world and the rest of the globe. Ham-dan Mohamed Al Murshidi has achieved a great deal in his career, including many awards in the e-commerce category of the UAE Web Awards 2007 and 2008. He was also Retail ME’s online retailer of the year in 2007 and Pan Arab Web award winner in 2008. In 2011, the Diplomatic Circle Geneva, honored Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi with an Honorary Membership, a membership bestowed only upon the world’s distinguished Diplomats & high level representative of civil society.






  • He is the first non-diplomat in UAE to receive the Honorary Membership of the Diplomatic Circle Geneva.
  • On May 2012 Waldenburg International College granted Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi the medal of Excellence for the most influential figures in the Arab world in Development and   International  Cooperation.
  • One of Hamdan’s CSR initiative is called Breaking the Ice, a lecture for non-Arab business individuals, & corporations who are looking to know more about the Arab culture and
    about doing business with the Arab world.
  • Won the Newzglobe BIZAWARD in May 2012 Best Strategic Service, UAE Web Award, 2008 Silver Winner E-Commerce.
  • He was also honoured with Pan Arab Web Award, 2008 and the Online Retailer of the Year and the Middle East Retail Award, 2007

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