Rabeth-KhanBorn out of the spirit of professionalism and freedom of thought, Al Jazeera, one of the leading news channels of West Asia is spearheaded by H.E Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani with an intention to run a network specialising in news that would serve viewers not only in the Arab world. H.E Sheikh Hamad’s ethos can be seen reflecting through every news piece and every broadcast that Al Jazeera delivers. A simple strategy that has made Al Jazeera a globally relevant brand is “Al-Ra’i wa al-Ra’i Akher”—”one opinion and another.” Getting both sides of a story is important. He has created a benchmark for all other news channels that’ve been feeding on sensationalism till date and has transformed the very equation of the broadcast industry.

Becoming the first Arab channel to conduct interviews with Israeli leaders, H.E. Sheikh Hamdan tried to bridge a gap. Covering live wars, going to places where no one dared to go before, his hard work and leadership style has brought a new air to Arab society and a brand new concept for all other businesses to emulate. While they consider ‘freedom’ to be the differentiating factor, in 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Al Jazeera provided more news coverage than the opinion-driven coverage of American mass media. Behind all these achievements and goodwill is an idea to evolve the minds of the masses, to tell people what they need to know and to give this world, news that can make a difference.


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