baniI want to be in a creative space, whether its television, films, writing columns or photography or creating things. I don’t feel people these days have to be restricted to be just doing one thing!! I don’t like labels or categories. My whole journey of being a creative person is to follow my heart and just do things that make me happy. As long as I keep doing that and stay true to myself, I will keep inspiring people along the way and I am sure it will amount to something in the end!!

There is a very famous saying by a very close friend of mine that “Don’t let your environment control you, control your environment! I think I learned a lot from that as he used to really apply it to his life and I realized that if you really want to achieve something and if you are really passionate about it, it comes from within. You can’t explain it yourself when you begin with it, because you are like I don’t really know where this is heading or where its gonna take me, I just know that I am doing something I really enjoy and I love . It makes me feel really good and that’s basically from where my love for fitness started. There is also a saying “when you are good at something you keep telling people about you, but when you are great at it they come and tell you. And I have come to that point through my fitness.

I eat a lot of food in a day. There is so much of misconception about fitness and food that as a myth has to be busted in this country and worldwide as well. A lot of people think fitness is like to look in a certain way but fitness and health actually go hand in hand. People need to realize that it’s not just an outward journey, it’s so much work that you have to do internally as well with yourself. And only once when you are in line with actually who you are inside because that’s what reflects outside and once those two overlap and they head in the same direction anything is possible!

5 years ago my response would have been different from what my response will be right now. I don’t pay a lot of attention to gender in India. Not because it makes me sad or something, it’s just that right now I am at a place in my life where I look at myself as so much more than just being a woman. I think assigning a human being by just discussing them and all their issues that they have to deal with and placing all of that under a label of someone’s sex is really small and minute on the bigger scale of life as a whole. Why can’t all be equal and have equal respect for everybody.
I know so many men who work out who are great and they support me so much when I am in the Gym. I feel men in India are also miss represented as well in India, especially when it comes to fitness. There are so many men who are so wonderful and gracious and they want to encourage me on my health quest. I think they should be given some benefit of the doubt.

I have this app launched early this year for anybody who is interested in improving their health and fitness. So I thought it is a really good way to reach out and let people know different form of exercises not just restricted to gym equipments. Other than that on social media my presence is pretty well known for my fitness.