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Literature is the source where reading seems interesting and the zone of knowledge gets accumulated glancing on the genre of literary fiction Persis Anthony exhibits the essence hidden behind the masterpiece novel written by the prolific writer, Toni Morrison.

Books are our best friends!! The joy of reading books can’t be described in words; it is something that can be understood only through the real experience. Book is the ultimate source that can keep you going in all the situations of life, the phrase life means giving a new outlook to our dogmatic world and hence to add essence to the word life, reviewing on the work of the great non-fiction novelist Toni Morrison and the first American African women to obtain the Pulitzer prize award for the best fictional novel has captured every element which fathoms the world.

Author: Toni Morrison
Publishing House: Penguin
Random House
Pages: 192
Cost: INR 1,133

Contributing vividly to the segment of American Literature, Toni Morrison has offered her 11th novel with her latest piece of writing GOD HELP THE CHILD and it has captivated the souls of infinite readers as the book wrestles with the issues of racism, child-abuse, good and evil, and the parent-child relationship and at the center of novel is a child name bride who is punished by her mother for having dark skin , on the later part when novel opens for fifteen years after her courtroom performance Bride’s relationship with her lover , Booker Starbern has just run down the dark tunnel. The scar imposed on Bride and Booker by their childhoods is metaphors for the calamities which can be exerted over a country’s or people’s dreams. The story has a beautiful ending as the mother apologizes for the behavior against her daughter having dark skin, but she won’t for the fact that how she sees the world and how she raises her child by saying: “in the world where lighter the skin higher you climb” Writing with conclave speed and affirmation as the book progresses, Ms Morrison works her narrative magic adds a new feature to the matchless opus of Toni Morrison.

The story is emotionally connected with the writer’s idea which she has expressed in her fierce and provocative novel provoking the era of fiction providing the masterpiece plot narrated in this novel. Print Media with its presence globally represents reader’s views as Powerful..A tale that is as forceful as it is affecting, as fierce as it is resonant –The New York Times.

Reviewing the book on basis of readers it is a five star rated book and it was been published originally in April 2015, but had been circulated in the market and libraries in January 2016 and keeping in mind the business agenda, and the readers the copies are on the way to be distributed from 1st September 2016 and also they are available on every E-shopping tools.

“It is not a story to pass on You are my daughter I am beloved And the freedom I gave you was too deep; And on my tired breath now The join you seek.”

Concluding with lines of her prolific work of writing the beloved, would actually make sense to not end the article but an inspiration to the readers out there to add this novel in the rack of their libraries.

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