carSo what we go out?
That’s how it’s supposed to be Living young and wild and free!!!!
For as they say, “All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost!”

The classic hippie trail to India has become the road to liberation for many. For all the people out there who can relate with this, here is a collection of the ‘Hippiest’ places in India. These hippie destinations are sure to make you mesmerized in your leisure trips. If you been wondering lately well it’s time for those backpacks to load some stuff . PRATIKSHA KAPOOR reprieves ten such places that might reconnoitre the nethermost abstruse, explore, compose yourself and take a breather.


Situated on the banks of river Parvati, Kasol is the mini Israel of India with evidently fl uttering hebrew signboards all along river. Famous for its pot, cheap yet mouth watering food and accommodation, this town is given the reputation of a backpackers’ haunt, and dreadlocked hippies on the street. Many foreign travelers choose to live with the tribal locals atfarfetched villages in valley rest camp at Manikaran. Tosh on the other hand is comparatively less crowded. The agrarian community of Tosh mainly tends to its sheep, fruit orchards and marijuana plantations. There is no dearth of potsmoking babas, food and amazing mountain trails dotted with waterfalls.


Crossing in between the greens Just because you want to Not because you ought to Oh, how can you ever explain They can never feel your pain Neither can you


Goa is psychedelic India in a nutshell. Of course, the list must talk about Goa. Be it the psychotropic music or the trance or the psychedelic beaches, with rustic festivals an array of enigmatic beaches and the vibrant hippies at Arambol, Anjuna and Morgim. Goa has it all to offer. You can bask around in the sun or stroll among the trees, dance at your will or just laze around in curlies.


From beaches to mountains, another Goa for the Hippies in North India, Manali becomes a hub for dreadlocked, free thinking, hippies from all across the globe. Some in search of liberation and others in the quest of Malana cream, the hippies of Goa turn to this town in the lap of Himalayas when monsoon hits Goa.

So the next time you fi nd yourself heading out on a shopping spree to lift your mood, why not put that money towards a travel instead?


Locatedtosh in Kerala, it is known as ‘Hippie Haven’. Shops with hippie gears all around the beach, speaks out loud about the bustling hippie culture of this beach town in Kerela. The wide expanse of the cliff -side overlooking the Arabian Sea with peace and tranquility prevailing with the least possible crowd is the best deal about Varkala. The golden beaches, blue waters, towering pines and the music make Varkala the perfect destination for a mystic outing.


Just a few kilometres away from Goa, Gokarna, a secluded holy town is embedded with amazing street-art, beaches that still remain intact and unspoiled with waterside shacks and a lot more. It is a place of contrasts with traditional temples on one hand and traditional cheesy art in the form of wall paintings and several vibrant artecrafts on the other hand. It is a laid back town with two main streets lined with shops and traditional tile-roofed brick houses. The three best beaches of Gokarna — Om, Kudle and Paradise — conform to every hippie-town norm, with a sprinkling of rastacolored cafés and dreadlocked backpackers. The requisite trance music sets the mood, while seafood and the usual European fare feature on every menu.

Have a moment to take advantage of peace and quiet and to simply ‘be’


Multi-ethnic hippie friends in a minivan on a road trip

Once a French colony, it still looks like a French town. Colonial churches, very well planned streets and French style avenues remind of a lazy French town. With surfing schools, yoga classes and French street food, Puducherry is fun, fun and fun.


Hippie hangout teepees can be spotted all across this small town. The ruins of Hampi are a spot for architecture geeks, religious pilgrims, endless jam sessions and drum circles for the hippie community of late seeking spiritual enlightenment. Cafés with names like Reggae River and Shanti Restaurant line the main street and with more restaurants serving international food than local, Hampi is a place sure to be visited. The walls are covered in murals of psychedelic mushrooms and Bob Marley is usually jammin’ in the background.hippi1


Famous for its ‘Hippie Hill’ a.k.a. Crank-Ridge, Almora is the destination for hippie travelers. Situated in Uttarakhand, Almora takes you back in time with the serene atmosphere, the pine lined ridge and the Himalayas in the backdrop. It is the perfect place for people seeking Nirvana.


The hippies turn to Nilgiris for solace at the village of Vattakanal near Kodaikanal. Seeing the fl ock of Isreali travellers coming here each day, some people say that this South Indian village will be speaking hebrew in some years. During season, all guesthouse cost about Rs 350 to 1000, while in the colder months, prices range from Rs 150- 500 during the off season. Sometimes in the off season, it’s possible to bring this range down to 100 rupees a day for a long term stay of a month or more. It’s a paradise of fl owers and foliage with clouds rising from the valleys under you rather than over!

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