Global Indian Excellence Summit

Global Indian Excellence Summit:
Putting India on the world map
Global Indian excellence summit

WCRC organised a gathering of leaders from India and the Diaspora in London on July 21 where they brainstormed over what needs to be done to take the country and its partnerships around the world to the next level

Calling on leaders to discuss India’s trajectory of growth and the leadership position it is slowly acquiring around the world, WCRC successfully hosted Global Indian Excellence Summit 2014 in London on July 21.
The summit was graced by the NRI business magnate and labour leader, Lord Swraj Paul, and British Conservative Party politician and member of the British Parliament Priti Patel. In his opening address at the gathering, Lord Swraj Paul observed, “WCRC’s Global Indian Excellence Summit is an opportune event to come at a time when India is making a mark on the international stage, showcasing its strength and contributions to the global economy. India is increasing its international foothold.”

He also expressed his satisfaction over the outcome of India’s 2014 elections. “For the first time in 30 years, the elected government has a clear majority and a clear mandate from the Indian people who have voted in unprecedented numbers. All Indians must now stand together and work together to achieve the goals and make India what we all wish it to be,” he said. “I take this opportunity to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government. I wish him success in achieving the most important task of uplifting 1.2 billion people of India in terms of health, education and personal earnings to make the country a fair society for all,” he added.

Also present at the event was UK’s eminent marketing expert and business consultant, Professor Malcolm McDonald. He briefly addressed the gathering as the summit’s guest speaker enthralling the audience with his edge on strategic marketing.

Lord Paul hailed Arun Jaitley’s appointment as India’s finance minister, describing the minister as “a man of great principle and stature who is determined to take India into a more prosperous state not by resorting to quick-fix solutions but by getting the economy on a sound footing and building a solid foundation for growth on which the country can depend.”

Complementing Lord Swraj Paul’s speech were the rounds of panel discussions taking place amongst young, growing and thriving entrepreneurs of India which projected a view of how successful entrepreneurship can be practised in a country where free enterprise is directly proportional to its growth.

The first group of panellists focussed its attention on the 3Ts – technology, trade and talent in India. Various big names from diverse industries contemplated on ways to bring out India’s best and the areas which needed urgent attention. While Sandeep Aggarwal, director of SMC Foods Limited, proudly announced acquiring home-grown technologies and its growing availability in the Indian market, Ameera Shah, managing director and CEO of Metropolis Healthcare, emphasised on how it has leaped forward with the help of data analysis and rising technology trends suited to modern day requirements.

Speaking on the subject earlier, Lord Swraj Paul justified that, “India must recognise and appreciate the enduring value of investment in infrastructure and manufacturing against the most transient nature of stock market investments; where the first is of benefit to many and the second is of benefit to very few.”

Moving on to discuss the state of the education sector in India, panellists of the second group were unanimous in their observation that education in India was on par with, if not better than, that in other developing countries. The panellists, including Mir Khutubuddin Khan, director of Nasr Education Society, and Ryan Pinto, CEO of Ryan International Group of Institutions, stated that education should be responsible for the overall development of an individual and should not just impart subjective knowledge.

“How can a country with 1.2 billion people and a number of high-ranking university officials in top class universities around the globe including presidents, deans and heads of the departments not have a single university in the world’s top 250? We need to value education from the youngest age possible. By doing this, our nation takes a step towards being a global powerhouse,” this concern was voiced by Lord Paul on the matter.

The experts also described how education must go hand-in-hand with the extra-curricular activities like music, literary arts, etc. so as to enable students to achieve holistic growth. The panellists responded to the problem of subjective education by adhering to the conclusion that students should be imparted with skills other than that prescribed in the syllabi at a much younger age.

The third panel focussed on the role of policy in real estate and infrastructure along with how real estate companies look at the 2014 Union Budget in India. The experts said that accommodation being the most essential element for a country and its countrymen, a great deal of positives were noted in the Budget. However, some affirmed that the Real Estate Regulatory Bill can have a dual impact. While it can complicate the process of getting approvals, others added that if the proposal is seriously worked upon leading to the creation of a regulatory body, nothing could be better for the real estate industry.

While throwing a light on the UK’s regulatory bodies, Lord Paul explained, “The UK ranks 14th on the Transparency International directory and continues to be more vulnerable to corruption than political establishment is willing to admit. The UK is struggling to remain in top 20, let alone achieve a place in top 10.”

“I believe many of the issues present in the world of politics and business originate from the diminishing power of the value system. This government needs to bring a high value of leadership, abide by them and ensure that all citizens are bound by values and laws,” he further added. He also suggested that those doing business in India had to be more conscious of the problem and had to be part of the solution. “While the demand is local, a large part of the supply comes from the foreign enterprises that see corruption as a way of obtaining easy shortcuts. Therefore, there should be no underhand-cosiness with business,” Lord Swraj Paul warned.


 First Word

Abhimanyu Ghosh, Chairman, WCRC

abhimanyu-ghosh-giesDistinguished ladies and gentlemen, guests of honour and leaders of Brand India, Welcome to Global Indian Excellence Summit 2014 and India’s Most Promising Brands 2014. The fundamental premise of WCRC hosting this event is linked to the role of media, specifically niche business publications which work in the field of branding, ranking and determining business leadership.

At WCRC, we fundamentally feel that the greatest role of media in today’s world is to constantly push companies and the nation for not just mere reporting purpose but to get the best out them.

At WCRC, we sincerely believe that it is the fundamental duty of such entities to not just showcase the amazing journey of these brands but also challenge them to do better, to maintain their leadership position in an extremely dynamic business environment. Our job is not just to make you feel good but to keep pressuring you to excel. In today’s cut-throat world of business, there is just no room for complacency. This, in turn, reinforces investor confidence and allows brands to play to get to the next level.

Credibility is the buzzword and the only benchmark in the listing and ranking business and it is here WCRC scores over the multitude of have-beens and those sprouting like mushrooms here and there. Utmost care is taken during the primary and secondary research processes and in selection of the jury so that only the deserving find their place in the lists. We are the only organisation whose every single ranking and listing endeavour, be it a stand-alone big brand project like India’s Most Promising or be it a special sector-specific magazine issue of WCRC Leaders Asia, is overseen and validated by two of the world’s leading audit firms, namely Ernst & Young and KPMG. This has allowed WCRC to emerge as the most credible industry benchmark in its business

However, the aim of WCRC is not just to emerge and stay at a leadership position in its area of core competency. Our vision is to showcase the success of Brand India on the global stage. This is why the inaugural edition of Asia’s Most Promising Brands was held in Dubai. It is this mission that brings India’s Most Promising Brands to London. And next year, Global Indian Excellence Summit will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. The economic growth of a country helps it to emerge stronger, it leads to collective prosperity and it makes the world a better place. Successful branding initiatives have been instrumental in propelling many of the big daddys of global business to the position they enjoy today. We feel very strongly that our role is to highlight the stellar rise of India Inc. and this rise is more relevant to the brands that are represented here rather than the established business behemoths.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I dream of an India that will have its corporate leaders all across the globe because it has the potential, intelligence and talent to do that. I dream of streets across the globe filled with brands from India and I dream of a nation which is mentioned for reasons other than the land of Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar but for a nation that has the capability to turn all odds into serious milestones….a hub of manufacturing, services and industries. A nation which is not just recognised for its culture, heritage and landscapes but a nation that leads brandscapes across the globe. India definitely has the potential and its time is now.

All of you brand leaders have shown stellar acumen and perseverance on your way to the positions that you now occupy. We, at WCRC, are leading this charge of taking Indian and Asian brands to a global level and positioning them in the right way to make a difference. We are definitely on this path of leading the change as a specialised media company. I would at last urge all of you leaders sitting here to pledge to lead the change in your respective roles as brand representatives and leaders. Trust me, India, as a country, will change for the better.

At WCRC, we hope this is not the end but just the beginning of the journey. “ All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” With these words of Martin Luther King Jr, I leave you to celebrate your success. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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