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An integrated outdoor advertising solution provider, Global Advertisers has been growing by leaps and bounds in the Out of Home (OOH) space ever since it was founded in 1996.

Global caught the attention of millions, including clients and the advertising fraternity with its pathbreaking outdoor initiative: below-the-railway-platform wall painting. Global was first to exploit its potential, generating huge revenue for the government and demand for the brands that utilized the new advertising medium. Over the years, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, the backbone of the progressive enterprise, has successfully created innovate hoarding sites at strategic locations across Mumbai.

global-advertishersBRICKS & CLICKS
Global has spearheaded the revolution in outdoor media – arresting consumers’ attention as well as driving home the message effectively. Mobile vans, taxi, bus shelter, Z-boxes, street furniture, fleet graphics, digital displays at mails and multiplexes, ferries, amusement parks, airplanes, swimming pools and rest rooms have been creatively exploited by Global to communicate with consumers on the go. That explains why Global has been the leading outdoor media partner for all major Bollywood and Hollywood films over the last 17 years.

1. Global has executed approximately 1.5 lakh successful campaigns.
2. Global owns Asia’s biggest hoarding in Bandra.

1. Year of establishment of the brand:1996.
2. Global has been the leading outdoor media partner for all major Bollywood and Hollywood films.

Global owns the most number of premium location hoardings in Mumbai, including Asia’s biggest hoarding in Bandra. Global has executed approximately 1.5 lakh successful campaigns, 1 lakh product launches, 80,000 in-film branding contracts and over 2 lakh event sponsorships in the last 18 years. The advertisers offers its clients 360 degree media planning and buying facilities along with ancillary services like social media promotion, and PR support. Global’s innovative schemes like Barter Deals, Hoardings on EMI and Rotation Plans have been widely embraced by businesses across sectors for their effectiveness, flexibility, and high ROI.

Global’s expertise includes excellent media planning, market research, strategic hoarding locations, corridor branding and 24X7 assistance. And its reach extends beyond Mumbai to Tier II and Tier III cities of India. Global owns largest number of strategic hoardings, across Mumbai and has over the years launched over 500 Brands and 1,000 products. Some of the popular campaigns that the company has executed are for clients like Jaguar, Toyota, Tata Motors, Star Cruises, Raymond, Bank of Baroda, Vodafone and Sony.

Global owns the most number of premium location hoardings in Mumbai. Strategically positioned allows thousand ways of innovation, their 24X7 unavoidable presence creates strong re-call value for a brand and strongly influence the buying decision of a consumer. OOH medium is the most cost-effective mode of advertising. For every budget, OOH industry has something to offer. Despite the economic slowdown, outdoor industry has grown because it caters to local market players as well as MNCs.

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