Game Changers

In every victory or failure of the past, lies the beginning of a new future. That very future is in the hands of people who are inspired to walk the proverbial extra mile in search of excellence. These game changers of today have the responsibility to mould time and material in the most efficient way possible to carry the big race forward.All these leaders have had a start and also a unique story of their rise and the difficulties they faced. We’ve brought together a group of such names who are all set to build their own roads and write their own chapters in the journal of entrepreneurial success.

Abdallah Massaad
RAK Ceramics – CEO

Success is not just witnessing the completion of individual dreams, but, it’s about being a part of a million dreams… Read More
Kamal Puri
Founder President – Skyline Group & Skyline University College

Finding room amidst the top 100 Most Powerful Indians in the Gulf, this Founder President of Skyline Group and Skyline University College,…
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Shaji Ul Mulk
Chairman – Mulk Holdings

Most men dream of change, but not all have the strength of conviction to make change a reality… Read More
Dr. Apurba Ganguly
Chairman – OPTM Healthcare

When in the 1990s the world was only depen¬dant on oral and synthetic medication,…
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Choe Peng Sum
CEO – Frasers Hospitality

“We must be prepared to roll up our sleeves and do the work.” said the CEO of Frasers Hospitality… Read More
Bhupinder Singh Kocher
Chairman – Vi-John Group

Every success has a journey, and the ones who cherish that are the ones who never stop travelling… Read More

Samit Ray
Managing Director – RICE Group

Obstacles do not deter success; rather it enhances one’s possibilities to succeed. A man who thrives on… Read More
Dhananjay Datar
Chairman – Al Adil Trading

Converting small dreamsinto big realities has been the life story of Dhanan-jay Datar, Chairman of Al Adil Trading,… Read More

Hamdan Mohammad Al Murshidi
Founder and President & Chairman – Arab Business Club

HE Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi, is the Founder and President & Chairman of the Board of Arab Business Club,… Read More
CEO – Heaven on Earth Developers

Following the principle of “give only what you can receive”, Zain Nasir, CEO of Heaven on Earth developers has never believed in competition,.. Read More

Sahul Agarwal
Managing Director — Sahul Industries Ltd.

In a span of past 9 years Sahul Industries has seen multi-fold augmentations given his experience. They export to 30 countries… Read More
Pradeep Kumar Gupta
Chairman – Gems Education

A leading educational reformer who has given a new direction to the teaching methodology practiced across the country,… Read More

Prashant Bhalla
SVP & Chairman — Manav Rachna Group of Institutions

One of the leading industrialist & Educationalists of National Capital Region (NCR), associated with Manav Rachna Group… Read More
Adel Ali
Chairman – Air Arabia

Adel Ali, a man who doesn’t like flying, in fact, who doesn’t like travelling at all, an attitude that is strange enough… Read More

Juliana Mattar
Managing Director – Motion

Juliana Mattar, the Founder and Managing Director of Motion – and its creative influence claimed that, “I can tell you honestly that it was… Read More
Irwan Danny Mussry
President & CEO – Time International

A prominent figure in Indonesia’s watch business, Irwan Danny Mussry is the Chairman of Time International,… Read More

Prof. Sirirurg Songsvilai
Managing Director – National Nanotechnology Centre

Professor Sirirurg Songsivilai was trained in clinical medicine and has a M.D. (first-class honors with gold medal) from… Read More
Alan Poh
Managing Director – ACP Computer Training & Consultancy

Alan Poh, the Managing Director of ACP Computer Training & Consultancy, has been instrumental in making strategic decisions…
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Joel Lou
Vice President – JustCommodity Software Solutions

The spearhead of the second fastest growing technology company in Singapore, and the leading trading and risk management solution provider… Read More
Dato’ Mohd Himley Mohd Taib
Executive Chairman – HeiTech

Dato’ Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib, the Founder and Executive Chairman of HeiTech Padu Berhad [HeiTech],… Read More

Tengku Shamsul
President – Nilai University

Since the inception of Nilai University in 1997, Tengku Shamsul has been at the helm of it… Read More
Edwin Soeryadjaya
Chairman – Saratoga

A man built with conviction to restore what was once lost, is a man who can never see a fall… Read More

Hussain Ali Sajwani
Chairman and Founder – DAMAC Group

Chairman and founder of the DAMAC Group Hussain Sajwani earned his undergraduate… Read More
Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
CEO — Mashreq Bank

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair is the man behind the success of the Mashreq bank, one of UAE’s most successful financial… Read More

Osman Sultan
Chief Executive Officer – DU Telecom

The growth of the UAE’s second mobile telecom, Du, has been nothing short of astonishing. As CEO, Osman Sultan’s role… Read More
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem
Chairman – DP World

Chairman of Dubai World until December 12, 2010, in Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem became the Chairman of DP World in 2007… Read More

Kulwant Singh
Managing Director — Lama Group of Companies

Most men dream, few stay awake and make them happen. Kulwant Singh has become an immaculate exemplar of a man who… Read More
Neelesh Bhatnagar
Chief Executive Officer — Emax Electronics

For all those minds that are fuelled by innovation and toughened through scabrous times, perfection is a habit and success, a way of life… Read More

Abhishek Somany
Joint Managing Director — Somany Ceramics

A man carved out of ambition for success, and gratitude towards his bearers, is a man who is destined to create… Read More
Ajay Kapur
Chief Executive Officer — Ambuja Cement

Armed with a background in economics and degree in business management (marketing),… Read More

Bedraj Tripathy
Senior General Manager – Marketing, Godrej Interio

Bedraj Tripathy started out as a grass root sales professional; he moved to the field of… Read More
Anthony Jacob
President & CEO – Time International

Antony Jacob is the Chief Executive Officer and Whole Time Director of Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company…. Read More

Arvind Malhrotra
President of Asia Pacific Region — NIIT Technologies

Chance favours the prepared mind and that seems to be the very reason why Mr. Arvind Mehrotra has often stood on… Read More
Ashok Kajaria
Chairman & Managing Director — Kajaria Ceramics

Ashok Kajaria is the man behind the success story of Kajaria Ceramics, a name that has become…
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Daizo ITO
President — Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd.

Responsible for driving profitable business growth for Panasonic in India and spear heading the… Read More
Dr. A. K. Sharma
Chairman & Managing Director, Lotus Refineries Private Limited

Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma is the Chairman & Managing Director of the Board of Lotus Refineries Private Limited… Read More

Dr. Mukesh Batra
Founder-Chairman — Dr. Batra’s Healthcare

Dr. Mukesh Batra is a pioneering Indian homeopath of international repute and healer par excellence… Read More
K. J. Rathod
Chairman – Vi-John Group

A visionary hailing from a small village with no electricity, the legendary founder Chairman of Flair Group, K. J. Rathod; came… Read More

Mufti Kamal Khushlani
Managing Director – Founder of MUFTI

The team at Mufti is led by the young and dynamic Kamal Khushlani who has fashion in his… Read More
K. L. Verma
Managing Director — Sunflame

Over the years Sunflame has created a brand value and carved a niche for itself through the… Read More

Mahesh Gupta
Chairman-Kent RO

Engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, visionary, started his journey towards corporate leadership with the Indian Oil Company…. Read More
Mahesh Pawar
Managing Director — Mahavir Hanuman Group

Building is company on the values of integrity, quality and reliability, Mahesh Pawar has become one of… Read More

Manish Chabbra
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer — Hygienic Research Insititute

After completing his graduation in Pharmacy with Honours from Pune College of Pharmacy, Manish Chhabra had to… Read More
Mehul Choksi
Chairman & Managing Director — Gitanjali Group

Mehul Choksi is Chairman and Managing Director, Gitanjali Group, world’s largest integrated branded jewellery… Read More

OP Puranmalka
Whole Time Director — UltraTech Cement Limited

O. P. Puranmalka is the Whole-Time Director of UltraTech Cement Limited and leads the Aditya Birla Group’s cement business… Read More
Prateek Gupta
Ushdev International – Vice Chairman

Time makes us grow old; it is the acceptance of responsibility that makes one grow up in life. Prateek Gupta is one such name in… Read More

Rajesh Bansal
Founder & Managing Director — Dorset

With Alma maters like SRCC and FMS, experience in the field of manufacturing , and technological knowhow gained from the very… Read More
Samar Qureshi
Director — Fast Trax Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Samar Qureshi is a name that has risen to prominence on the Indian QSR business scene in the recent years and has established… Read More

Sanjay Arya
Managing Director — Uniglobe Keshav Travels

Sanjay Arya is the Managing Director of Uniglobe Keshav Travels – an award winning travel solutions company that is… Read More
Siddharth Chaudhary
Managing Director – ACP Computer Training & Consultancy

Siddharth Chaudhary is the man that has given the rice industry the Radikal standard for…
Read More

S. K. Jain
Managing Director – Choc On

Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. It is easy to dream and most people do so – however, it takes courage… Read More
Tarun Shienh
Chairman & Managing Director — Premia Group

Tarun Shienh has been acknowledged as ‘The Real-Estate Guru’ by every authority in the industry and the reason behind that is not only… Read More

Vijay Aggarwal
Managing Director – Prism Cement Ltd.

Vijay Aggarwal holds a Bachelor’s of Technology (Electrical) degree from Indian Institute of Technology,… Read More
Mahesh Kisan Motewar
Chairman & Managing Director — Samruddha Jeevan Group

Shri Mahesh Kisan Motewar is the Chairman and Managing Director of Samruddha Jeevan group… Read More

Virkaran Awasty
Managing Director and CEO of Bush Foods Overseas Ltd.

Virkaran Awasty, the MD and CEO of Bush Foods Overseas Ltd., has been the man that has led the company to becoming one of the leading… Read More
Vivek Kumar
CEO — Aamby Valley City & Hotel Sahara Star

Vivek Kumar proudly reiterates that he has been one of the luckiest pupils of his mentor, the Chief Guardian of Sahara India Pariwar… Read More

Yogesh Lakhani
Chairman & Managing Director — Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd.

Yogesh Lakhani is a name synonymous to a talent powerhouse and one who embodies profound dedication and commitment to his work… Read More
Jamal Uddin Ahmed
Chairman — Biman Bangladesh Airline

Success, for most, is a story to inspire from, only for few does this becomes a legacy. Air Marshal Jamal Uddin Ahmed, Chairman of… Read More

Dr. T. Chandroo
Founder and Chairman/CEO — Modern Montessori International Group

A man who witnesses plight is a man who endures change and has the fortitude of making that change prevail and prolong… Read More
Ravish Kapoor

Melegant yet bewitching sounds so aptly synonymous with the style of Ravish Kapoor’s greetings. His initiation, under the name of, specializes in… Read More

Manish Agarwal
Managing Director – Leverage Capital Pvt. Ltd.

Manish Agarwal has more than 16 years of experience in Investment Management and Financial Services Industries in… Read More
Mehernosh B. Pithawalla
Asst. Vice President – Marketing Godrej Security Solutions

Mehernosh heads Physical Security Products, Retail Business & Marketing Communications in Godrej Security Solutions, India’s leading brand in the security industry…. Read More

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