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I congratulate WCRC Leaders Asia for this book and its efforts acknowledging Indian brands and leaders.Today, India is a highly creative, efficient and passionate resource pool with a unique and unrivalled understanding of the market place, discerning consumers, brands and the landscape. I felicitate these upcoming leaders and brands in their mission to excel and reach the heights of success.

I am honored to have been awarded “Pride of India” as “The Most Admired Actor 2016”.

India is the largest producer of films in the world, and also the most diverse with films made in several regional languages. Portraying a joyous spectacle of music, dance, and various emotions, watching a Bollywood film is an incredible sensory experience. Being a part of it is like reveling in the wealth of experiences, creativity, sweat and passion.

The conventional strong footing of the Indian Entertainment Industry in the last few years has been immense and will be striving to provide an even stronger footing for the economy, worldwide.



Congratulations are in order for Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of WCRC Leaders Asia, and also his team, for creating this Coffee Table book as also his efforts which acknowledge Indian brands and leaders.

When one talks about Indian real estate, the integrated township model – one which makes ‘walk to work and walk back home’ a reality – is something that I am credited with. I prefer looking upon the product as creating its own brand appeal; I see the good work as being reflected in the brand identity, ‘Hiranandani real estate project’. This is about creating real estate which is modern, state of the art, with truly global standards. In fact, at Hiranandani Communities, the larger game plan is to create a community, which empowers residents within each of the integrated townships. I don’t think one would want any more recognition than the style being recognized across different locations, the product by itself creating its own brand appeal.

Leadership, brilliance, untiring zest for excellence and downto- earth are words that come close to defining my work ethic. My personal motto is: ‘labore et constantia’ (with consistent efforts, one can scale great heights) and I think this best sums up the success story of ‘Brand Hiranandani’.

‘Fast 50 brands 2016’ is a Book which refers to brands which are moving at the speed of people’s demands and the speed of their lives. These brands add value to lives of people across not just India but indeed, the world. I congratulate WCRC Leaders Asia for their enduring efforts, in recognizing Fast 50 brands 2016’.

Niranjan Hiranandani- Founder & MD, Hiranandani Group, his recent initiative is Hiranandani Communities. He is the Founder and First President (West), National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), which works under the aegis of Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India.

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