Sumant Poddar
Author and Poet

SUMANT-PODDAR“Upon getting established in course of time, one sets itself to evolve further”.

The Perfect Brand Image”- what do you perceive from it and what all goes behind its creation?
Brand Image is a relative term; it is the effort which goes behind to bring the Image in public. Once again, it may not be full-proof product for all, as some may like it and some may not. It is the success of more people liking it then those not liking. It is the thought, which evolves in one’s mind and in order to bring it out, lot of effort is needed. Night and day appear to be the same, one forgets when to eat and drink.

What are the challenges that the brand faces in the market?
Basic challenge faced by a brand is the other brands available in the market. Yes, marketing of the brand is an essential part of creation of the brand. A product which actually may not have any value, per se, may get more brand valuation then something which actually has. This is a competitive world and getting into the right shoe, at the right time with right people is the name of the game. To establish oneself in the market, regular updates and inputs should be followed.


What things fascinate you the most when you travel?
Local sight seeing fascinates me a lot. I am a deep observer and can stay put at a place for hours. I can speak to the clouds when I am in a flight and can enhance the beauty of the dawn and the dusk with my poetry.
What are your hobbies?
Writing which was my hobby, continues to be something I am passionate about.
Best and the worst thing about your job.
Best thing about the job I am in is that it allows me to write and participate in events. And the worst thing is that it is time consuming.
What is a Sunday to you?
Sunday is golf, writing, movies and time with family.

What is your prime focus for retaining customers/readers?
My prime focus to retain customer and/or readers would be knowing their liking, for instance, if my first book was liked by certain group of readers, then for my next book, I would like to add something more to garner other group of readers. I do not want to put myself in a fixed format of writing. Though, currently, I am enjoying ‘fiction’, it will not be a surprise, if I shift to autobiography or something else. With creation of my ‘brand name’, readers would like to associate themselves further with me.

In an industry so dynamic, how do you comply with respect to changing trends, behavioral pattern and expectations of society?
Upon getting established in course of time, once feedbacks are coming in, one sets itself to evolve further. Trends and expectations of the society go hand in hand. With the expectations going up, the writer, forces itself to change writing style, trends and it’s pattern. It is indeed the society, which is so dynamic, makes you alter your style and pattern.

How do you think marketing has changed over time?
Marketing has evolved for good over time. Earlier, it was more of a ‘wait & watch’ kind of thing, where, upon ‘mouth to mouth’ publicity, a reader would get his copy of the book. However, in today’s world, it is the marketing tool, which enhances the chance of a book to reach the public. The social media is the most important tool, even bigger than the print media. Social media can take you places, where one could not have imagined.

Awards are tricky, you don’t really aim to win, till you win. How has winning changed your approach to trophies and titles? From an accidental byproduct of good work to something you actively need to defend year on year, perhaps? Is there pressure to keep winning?
Yes, ‘awards are tricky’ – unless it reaches the right people at the right time. Winning this award has definitely changed by vision as I feel responsible towards my writing as more and people are looking forward to my new book.

How the recognition changes things for you at business as well as personal level?
Recognition changes you in both personal and business levels. Personally, your friends and family members start noticing you and give you that extra bit of care and smile. They suddenly feel that you are something amongst them. Professionally, you are looked upon differently by your other writer friends and people you meet in business. A sudden sense of respect is felt and you get a positive outlook. It allows you to present your work in a more confident manner.

What has influenced your decisions and thought process at various stages in your career. What/ Who has been your guiding force?
Decision to write has always been my own choice. During my formative years as a writer, I wasn’t really influenced by people around me, as I never looked for their advice. I was basically on my own.
During my adulthood, yes, my father was my role model, a definite influence on my writing, one with who I shared my thoughts and my output. He never winced my thoughts, but always, assured me that, he is there with me.

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