EYE-Q Super Speciality Eye Hospitals

eyeEye-Q is one of the fastest growing healthcare chain in India and is a pioneer in its field. Its hospital chain is committed to providing best quality eye care at affordable cost across India. It is an ISO 9001-2000 registered organization operating under the leadership of its Founder and CMD Dr. Ajay Sharma -renowned eye surgeons in India, aided by a team of specialists with rich experience in their respective specialties related to eye care. Eye-Q is the dynamic new code in super-speciality eye care. It covers everything, from maintaining optimum vision, preventing deterioration to correcting vision related problems. All this is through the exceptional array of preventive and corrective procedures and cutting-edge practices.

# Key Features
Eye Q, currently operates 44 super-specialty eye care hospitals across India.
Pioneers in bringing up the advanced technology in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.
Foster high quality medical care at localized and easily approachable level.

The Hospital’s equipment is state-of-the-art making it the ideal choice for the patients with complex conditions. Technological advancement and computerized facilities help in achieving proper and complete eye checkup, thus reducing the occurrence of eye problems in future. Eye-Q has been pioneers in bringing up these technologies to tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Eye- Q’s recent innovations includes home healthcare, vision centres and cloud-based solution. Home healthcare in UP, Haryana, and Gujarat is to reach out to more number of people at their place of residence and in their homes to provide quality eye care at their door step at affordable cost. It provides comprehensive basic eye – checkup services like vision, fundus photography and eye pressure check.
Vision Centres are equipped with relevant ophthalmic equipment and a computer with internet connectivity. These centres are run by well trained ophthalmic technician who performs slit lamp examination, refraction, treating minor ailments like foreign body removal, counselling etc. All vision centres are linked to nearby base hospital for consultation. All the patients examined at the vision centre are provided consulting with the ophthalmologist at the base hospital. Patients who require procedural intervention are asked to come to these base hospital. Eye -Q has standardized practices across its hospitals and has done the customization of the software accordingly.
Eye- Q that started with the objective of making a difference in the country by providing quality eye care services has changed the face of vision care industry in India. The eye care chain emphasizes on expertise, advanced technology and interpersonal care. The chain has patient centric values and takes all necessary steps to ensure superior patient experience and surgical care. Eye-Q is presently operating a chain of 44 successful hospitals, and has also moved to South Africa with its first centre in Lagos, Nigeria.

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