Background Note:
If the growth of the global economy in the 20th century is attributed to the business and entrepreneurial activities that took place in the western hemisphere, then the credit for economic growth in the current century deservingly goes to the eastern hemisphere. According to UNIDO, Asia’s financial and economic rise by 2050 will be led by China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. In 2010 these seven economies had a combined total population of 3.1 billion (78 percent of Asia) and a GDP of $14.2 trillion (87 percent of Asia). By 2050 their share in population is expected to fall to 73 percent of Asia, while the share of GDP would rise to 90 percent. These seven economies alone will account for 45 percent of global GDP. Their average per capita income of $45,800 (PPP) would be 25 percent higher than the global average of $36,600.

Issue concept:
The economic growth witnessed over the past decade and that which UNIDO forecasts, is a result of a large number of entrepreneurial and business success stories. Led by a fleet of young, dynamic, entrepreneurs and business leaders from the second or third generations, Asian organizations have brought about a global business impact. Investors are keen to put their money on such organizations, while consumer acceptance has boosted further innovations in there.

WCRC Leaders Asia magazine wishes to raise a toast to this success story, by creating a platform to profile the emerging business leaders across South East Asia, South Asia and the middle east nations. The coverage in the publication would be in the form of a single-page profile of the business leader or entrepreneur, chalking out his contribution in taking his organization to the next level. The profiled business leader would be selected based on an in-house editorial research, which would be finally tabulated by a leading audit firm.

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: 2nd June 2014.
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