Rabeth-KhanA man built with conviction to restore what was once lost, is a man who can never see a fall. Edwin Soeryadjaya the co-founder of Saratoga Capital, served as Group Chief Executive Officer of L&M Group Investments Ltd. and served as its Deputy Chairman since June 1999. He serves as President Commissioner of PT Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Tbk and has been its Member of Board of Commissioners since 2010. His strong willed leadership has made his business excel at multiple platforms.

His venture mainly focuses on areas that are competitive in nature, primarily foods. Having a majority stake in Bonecom, they’ve also partnered with Tiger Airways in Mandala. He looks forward to entering the easy and feasible channels of business like motorcycle distribution and other such similar areas to ensure the future success of Saratoga Capital. It is his strategic and well balanced thought process that makes his presence in the organization indispensible and also lays down a strong and concrete foundation of a stronger, brighter and better tomorrow.





  • ƒƒHis strong and aanlytical nature makes him a sharp and dynamic leader. ƒƒ
  • His ability to foresee obstacles and provide sustainably suitable solutions keeps him well prepared and helps him avoid surprises.
  • His strategy to venture into regions which are strongly competitive in nature has suited his leadership style well, ƒƒ
  • His motivation behind starting this firm dates back to 1998 when he decided upon restoring his family’s wealth. ƒƒ
  • He holds big chunk in coal miner Adaro Energy, where he’s one of five co-founders. He also has a stake in cell tower company Tower Bersama Infrastructure and bought Mandala Airlines in 2011 with his partner Sandiaga Uno

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