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Asian institute of Management Best Philippines 9.75
iPMi international Business school Best indonesia 9
Mdis Business school (MBs) Best singapore 9
nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Best singapore 9.25
Raffles design institute Best singapore 9.25
Asian institute of technology Best thailand 9.25
Mapua institute of technology Best Phillipines 9
Bangladesh Medical college Best Bangladesh 8.5
Gulf Medical university Best uAE 9
oman Medical college Best oman 8.75
niEt Best india 8.75
Bibinogs Best singapore 9.25
safari Kid Best Malaysia 9
Bishop cotton school Best india 9.75
campion school Best india 9
doon school Best india 9.75
iss international school Best singapore 8.75
J.B. Petit High school Best india 8.5
Lawrence school Best india 8.5
Loreto House Best india 8.25
Mallya Aditi international school Best india 8
Mayo college Best india 9.25
smt. sulochnadevi singhania school Best india 9
south Point High school Best india 8.75
st. Xaviers collegiate school Best india 8.75
step by step school Best india 9
the cathedral and John connon school Best india 9
the scindia school Best india 9.25
the shri Ram school Best india 9.25
Vasant Valley school Best india 8
the Valley school Best india 8.75
Aga Khan university Best Pakistan 8.5
AMA university Best Philippines 8.75
Bangkok university Best thailand 9.25
chandigarh university Best india 8.75
dusit thani college Best thailand 8.5
Gulf university of science and technology Best Kuwait 8.25
Manipal university Best india 9.5
school of Aeronautics Fastest Growing india 6.75
ERc institute Fastest Growing singapore 6.5
Kuwait-Maastricht Business school Fastest Growing Kuwait 6.25
Putra Business school Fastest Growing Malaysia 7.25
cG Protégé school Fastest Growing singapore 6.75
EsMod Jakarta Fastest Growing indonesia 6.5
Fashion institute of the  Philippines Fastest Growing Philippines 7
international FashionAcademy Pakistan Fastest Growing Pakistan 6
istituto di Moda Burgo indonesia Fastest Growing indonesia 6.5
Lanka institute of Fashion technology Fastest Growing sri Lanka 6
Mages institute of Excellence Fastest Growing singapore 6.5
Acme Engineering college Fastest Growing nepal 5.5
Emirates college of technology Fastest Growing uAE 6.75
Gandaki college of Engineering & science Fastest Growing nepal 5.75
Ks Rangasamy college of technology Fastest Growing india 7.25
Faculty of Hotel and tourism Manage- ment – uitM Fastest Growing Malaysia 6.5
Reliance college Fastest Growing Malaysia 6.5
Legend international college Fastest Growing Malaysia 6.25
cyber Jaya university college of Medical sciences Fastest Growing Malaysia 7
dubai Medical college Fastest Growing uAE 7.25
Riyadh college of dentistry Fastest Growing uAE 6.75
the college of Applied Medical sciences Fastest Growing saudi Arabia 6.25
Auston institute of Management Fastest Growing singapore 7
Box Hill college Fastest Growing Kuwait 7
oasis college Fastest Growing Malaysia 6.75
shelton college international Fastest Growing singapore 7
stamford college Fastest Growing Malaysia 7
Bradenton Preparatory Academy Fastest Growing uAE 6.5
Brent international school Manila Fastest Growing Philippines 7.75
Bunda Mulia international school Fastest Growing indonesia 7
dover court international school Fastest Growing singapore 7.75
Garden interna- tional school Fastest Growing Malaysia 7.75
Gateway college Fastest Growing sri Lanka 6.25
Global indian international school Fastest Growing singapore 6.5
indian High school Fastest Growing uAE 7
Jebel Ali Primary school Fastest Growing uAE 6.25
Jumeirah English speaking school Fastest Growing uAE 7
Kis international school Fastest Growing thailand 6.75
Lyseum international  school Fastest Growing sri Lanka 6.5
Manarat international school Fastest Growing Bangladesh 6.5
new international school of thailand Fastest Growing thailand 6.75
Ptis international school Fastest Growing thailand 6.75
Royal Buckingham international school Fastest Growing indonesia 6.5
Ruamrudee international school Fastest Growing thailand 7.25
shrewsbury international school Fastest Growing thailand 6.5
singapore American school Fastest Growing singapore 7.25
st Andrews international school Fastest Growing thailand 6.75
Ajman university of science & technology Fastest Growing uAE 6.75
Al Maarefa colleges for science and technology Fastest Growing saudi Arbia 6.5
Applied science university Fastest Growing Bahrain 6.5
Arab open university Fastest Growing Bahrain 6.25
Assumption university Fastest Growing thailand 7.25
caledonian college Fastest Growing oman 7
international Medical university Fastest Growing Malaysia 7
islamic Azad university Fastest Growing uAE 6.75
Kasem Bundit university Fastest Growing thailand 6.75
Payap university Fastest Growing thailand 7
PsB Academy Fastest Growing singapore 7.25
Rangsit university Fastest Growing thailand 7
talal Abu Ghazaleh university college of Business Fastest Growing Bahrain 7
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