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Magificent Maharashtra
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Magificent Maharashtra

Magnificent Maharashtra

Abhimanyu Ghosh


Dear readers,
Its indeed with a lot of pride that I write this piece of editorial on the heroes who are worth saluting every moment for the remarkable passion and achievements with which they have made the nation extremely proud. Its a privilege to bring to you the second edition of WCRC Leaders Asia, Pride of India from Maharashtra.
The ‘Magnificent Maharashtra’ as we call the issue. A state that redefines India’s magnificence in the truest sense. A state that produces icons in every field like no other and a state that has stood by India’s integrity as no other.
I would sincerely like to congratulate the government of Maharashtra and Shri Devendra Fadnavis for the constant efforts to make Maharashtra a state filled with achievements at all levels. From administrative reforms to industry friendly policies, the goverment has done substantial work. Not to mention amounts of crisis the state faces naturally, that have been handled better than most others. We congratulate each and every member of the magnificent state that shows unity in every way. A state dominated by spirits of mankind, a state embellished not just with its rich culture and history but also the tremendous technological advancements. A state ruled by the greatest bravehearts of the nation to a state proud of its icons. I salute the heroes in every walk of life who have not just made the state proud, but a nation cherishing and basking in its glory.
Its truly a treat for us at WCRC Leaders Asia to write and feature the list of 50 such individuals who are truly such icons, who are on the mission to make the motherland shine bright forever. We do hope you enjoy the truest spirit of the magnificent Maharashtra. We would sincerely like to apologise for any aspect of the colossal state we have left out in the editorial. For the magnificence of the state is simply too humongous for us to cover in one issue. The infallible spirit of the state and its statesmen are worth saluting constantly. Jai Maharashtra. Jai Hind…

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