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Editorial September 2013
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Editorial September 2013

It gives me immense pleasure to present to you the first edition of Asia’s Most Promising Leaders 2012-2013, a project par excellence, featuring the Most Promising Leaders from Asia’s Most Promising Countries for Business. Asia’s Most Promising Leaders is based on secondary and primary research, and leaders selected after research are invited to be a part of the feature. Globally the first initiative in print, online and broadcast format, this endeavour will continue in the path of excellence and strive to put forth new Asian leadership thoughts and perspectives that will revolutionise not only Asia but the World. Asia’s Most Promising Leaders promises to be the most prolific platform to bring together leaders from across the region, a platform that will foster new ideas and nurture future talent.
The justification for the present edition is nothing less than a passionate effort to make sense of the dynamic world of leadership as Asia strides towards becoming the most important player in the global economy. We intend to take in the landscape, recording and bringing attention to the local and global management and leadership issues as they evolve. Leaders and readers can be assured that the content will be engaging and impactful. These are surely difficult and tumultuous times for the world economy. We have over the years seen a shift of the economic power centers from the West to the East. We are also witnessing a global transition in social and business leadership, as a young, ambitious, and capable Asian workforce takes its place at the forefront of the global talent pool. These leaders are not only taking Asian companies to greater heights, but are also taking up leadership roles in Multinationals that are Western by origin and culture. The Rise of Asia and Asian Leadership has become an undeniable fact of our existence.
A business leader’s job is dramatically stressful. Background, experience, education, and talent are not enough to prepare a manger for leadership at the top. No wonder about 40 percent of CEOs fail within 18 months. Demands on leadership and increased accountability, alongside the need for sustainable and inclusive growth is making an already stressful job even more difficult. Asian leaders will not have it easy in a world economy that faces multifarious challenges, from the European crisis and a slowing growth rate to an increase in environmental threats, that as we have seen, can wreck an economy in a jiffy. We are sure that Asia’s leadership will rise to the occasion, and lead the way in the revival of the global economy.
Along with Asia’s Most Promising Leaders we are also launching ‘Leaders Asia’, a quarterly magazine that will transform the leadership publications platform. The next edition will be a mammoth special issue in December, from when the magazine will be a monthly edition. What we hope to offer you is unrivalled coverage of the leadership scenario in Asia (unrivalled in the sense of being the best but also in the sense that no one else is covering it), and to bring insights from the world outside. It is a lot of effort and late nights for the team at WCRC, but we have unbridled joy in bringing this edition to life and, it is because we speak directly with those of you, who toil at the leading edge of industry, breaking new grounds. The journey has begun, and we promise it will be exciting.

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