Editorial Novmber 2014

Dear readers,
After the immense success of our previous focus issues on ‘India’s Most Promising Brands’ and ‘Global Indian Icons & India’s Most Promising Leaders’, it’s now time to expand our focus to cover the whole of Asia. Hence, our present issue on ‘Asia’s 100 Best and Fastest Growing Marketing Brands—FMCG & Manufacturing’.

We have covered the brands which are, as the title suggests, the best in their category or the fastest growing. The selection process has been comprehensive and only the brands that fulfilled a carefully chalked out list of parameters get to feature in our list of hundred. Of course, the entire process is advised and evaluated by KPMG in India.

At a time when western economies are battling to exorcise their ghosts, some of Asia’s economies are taking small but steady strides towards a higher place in the business landscape. Asia is currently the most happening place and as it has shown over the last two decades, it means business. Therefore, it makes sense to present our readers on ‘Asia’s 100 Best and Fastest Growing Marketing Brands—FMCG & Manufacturing’, which, having carved out a niche for themselves in their respective domestic markets, are now raring to straddle continents in terms of business outreach. Many of them have already achieved those milestones while the others are in the process of continuous expansion.

The brands featured here are the ones that have successfully made a connect with their target consumers and have won their trust through consistent quality control and value-for-money offerings. Just as Rome was not built in a day, these brands too have decades of perseverance and tireless efforts behind them. Of course, there are many more such brands but we confine ourselves to the 100 best.

The current issue is another milestone for Team WCRC that has set out to bring unrivalled coverage of the business leadership scenario in Asia and insights from the world outside. No need to say that a lot of effort and a much of midnight oil has been burnt to bring out this issue. The appreciation from our readers and partners in the industry is our only appreciation. I firmly hope that our present issue would be greeted with the same warmth and appreciation.