Editorial May 2015

Dear readers,
Greetings from World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC). As we bring out to you the special issue of Leaders Asia, I take pride in announcing the exclusive ‘Asian Economies Shoot Straight’ as its cover story. It talks about India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia and other Asian countries which form just 16 per cent of the world’s GDP, but will lead world growth in 2015 too.

With global revenues of an estimated $2.8 trillion, the healthcare industry is the world’s largest industry. India’s high population makes it an important player in this industry. The healthcare sector in India is witnessing a surge of activity and the beginning of what is seen as a rapid phase of growth. Emerging healthcare segments like diagnostic chains, medical device manufactures as well as hospital chains are increasingly attracting investments from a variety of venture capitalists. And similar is the scenario for education sector. Education is one of the most important sectors in the country’s economy – improving standards to boost growth by 1per cent per year. This special issue focuses on these two sectors and has a unique ranking and listing of the 100 leaders and fastest growing organisations of these two sectors. With the ever evolving technology, the ways of learning are also changing rapidly. India has become the largest market for e-learning after the US. The story on e-learning in this special issue delves into India’s growing scope of digitisation of the education sector leading to creation of jobs. We have put in our most sincere effort in making this issue of the magazine the most authentic in its research, world class in its looks and innovative with its design as well as the content.

I hope you love reading it as much we loved making it. Also, don’t forget to grab the special supplement of our real estate sector which showcases Asia’s Best Properties & Asia’s Projects to look out for.Keep those letters streaming in at letters@ wcrcleaders.com. Also, please write your feedback to me at editor@wcrcleaders.com until we come out with another exciting issue next month!