Editorial July 2014

First word

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce ‘India’s Most Promising Brands 2014’ and ‘Global Indian Icons & India’s Most Promising Leaders 2014’. While the first is a brand project par excellence, featuring the most promising brands from the largest democracy in the world, the second features those Indian and Indian-origin leaders who have carved out their place in the world and those who are in the process of doing so. The brand project draws on extensive secondary and primary research and only brands selected after meticulous research are invited to be a part of the feature. Globally the first initiative across print, online and other digital platforms, it strives to give the selected brands the respect that they so truly deserve.

At a time when the world economy is still in the process of taking cognizance of the rise of India, India’s Most Promising Brands brings to the fore those brands who will contribute to the next phase of India’s growth story.

In an era where editorial sanctity is often in question along with transparency of research, we, at World Consulting & Research Corporation, are proud to have set an unparalleled credibility process. With Ernst & Young LLP India as Process Advisor and a credible Jury, our commitment has been towards an unbiased process where only the worthy get selected. Keeping the significance of India’s rise as a major player in the world, the right destination had to be chosen. This brings us to London. Apart from the obvious historical connection, London has always been the global banking and business hub. We would like to thank Ernst & Young LLP India for working tirelessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned in bringing out an authentic, unbiased and accurate selection of brands. The members of the Jury deserve a special mention. They have gone through the entire selection process in detail, covering all the documentation relating to research and other parameters to ensure that the most genuine results come out. Last but not the least, this project would not have reached fruition without the immense hardwork of the entire team at World Consulting & Research Corporation. They walked the proverbial extra mile and burnt midnight oil to ensure that perfection was achieved towards the purpose of the project. On behalf of each member at WCRC, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each of India’s Most Promising Brands.