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Editorial January 2015
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Editorial January 2015

It gives us immense pleasure to release the second edition of a herculean research effort ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ 2013-2014′ – a research project par excellence, featuring the most promising 150 brands from the GCC, Indian Sub-continent and South East Asia. ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ is based on secondary and primary research and the brands selected after careful research are invited to be a part of the feature. Globally the first initiative in print, online and other digital platforms, it strives to give the selected brand the respect that they so truly deserve.

At a time when the world economy is going through a transformation with a massive shift of power towards the Asian continent, ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ brings to the fore the promising brands from this region. The selection of these 150 brands is a part of the Global Most Promising 500 Brands that WCRC has undertaken. The research has been divided into two parts. The Zone 1 comprises the Indian Sub-continent, GCC and South East Asia and the Zone 2 consists of the Far East, West and Central Asia. It’s truly inspiring to interview and read about the growth and achievements of the brands selected. Let there be no doubt that these are the most promising brands globally we are talking about. Should everything be right for them, these brands in all likelihood should attain the position of numero uno in a few years.

In an era where editorial sanctity is often in question along with transparency of research, we, at World Consulting & Research Corporation, are proud to have set an unparalleled credibility process. With KPMG in India as the process advisors and evaluators and a constellation of jury members from different regions of the globe, our commitment has been towards an unbiased process where only the meritorious get selected.

I have personally ensured that the soul of every brand is reflected through Asia’s Most Promising Brands and this issue of WCRC Leaders Asia. It also gives us lots of pride to know the current well-being of the magazine as the very best in the continent. Its delightful for any business to be accepted whole-heartedly by its consumers and Leaders Asia has galloped ahead of almost all in the last one year. We are young and hence far determined to be the best.

We would like to thank KPMG in India for working tirelessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned in bringing out an authentic, unbiased and accurate selection of brands. The members of the Jury deserve a special mention. They have gone through the entire selection process in a detailed manner covering all the documentation relating to research and other parameters to ensure that nothing but the most genuine results come out.

Last but not the least, I would like to specially thank a wonderful team at WCRC and my family for the constant support and intellectual stimulation. We are an ideas based company and hence it’s of pivotal importance that the team at WCRC thinks alike. I especially want to thank Tathagata for his immense implementation skills coupled with unparalleled intellect, Vivek for holding me tight on everything, Saimik for wonderfully executing my ideas, Sunita, Kingshuk and Avik for their magnificent processes and a never say die attitude. That is what WCRC is about and that’s what differentiates us from the others – an attitude that no other can imagine matching up!

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