Editorial December 2016

Dear readers,
The Indian economy has made great strides in recent years and as experts globally agree, it has the potential to do even better. As a consequence of rapid global economic integration the world of financial business is changing rapidly. Firms increasingly want a one-stop shop for their financial needs, and organizations need to keep innovating ways to satisfy their demands. A successful, competitive and well regulated financial sector plays a vital part in that growth. And our financial organizations, including banks, insurance companies, NBFCs, with support from regulators and policy-makers, are working together in making India the robust economy that the world is eyeing today.
Twenty years ago discussion of brands and their value and effect on customer loyalty was confined to the analysis of the consumer goods market. But things are changing. According to a report by branding specialists, one-third of the global wealth can be accounted for by brands and the figure is expected to rise to 50%. Such an expansion is marked in no sector the way it is witnessed in the financial sector.
Thus while we step into an era where every business wants to be a part of the ‘Great Indian Success Story’, it is only right that we acknowledge individuals and organizations from the BFSI industry whose vision and continued efforts are helping shape the eco-system into one of the most enviable in the world.
India’s Most Trusted Financial Brands is the recognition of the commitment levels of brands that have created a genuine impact on the Indian economy, backed by thorough research and study conducted through a detailed market research. The award acknowledges brands that the consumers put on the highest pedestal of trust based on their conviction that the Brands provide unmatched quality of services. The reflection of the highest levels of innovation aided by breathtaking style, design and unparalleled performance of the enterprise. These brands have been successful in winning the hearts of the consumers year after year.
Also find in this issue our annual salutations of 21 young guns. As the name suggests these are the topmost pick of the brightest minds from varied fields for their incredible contributions to the country. We have also featured the best in PR and communications in the country.
I am sure it will be as much a treat reading this issue as much we loved making it.

kingshuk-sirToday there is really very little in this whole wide world that India is not already at the forefront of. Many Indian companies have boldly stepped beyond our national boundaries.
The progress of the financial sector is crucial to India’s economic growth. As I talk of today, the Indian economy is on the brink of a major transformation. As the financial services sector players of the future will emerge larger in size, technologically better equipped and stronger in capital base, one can only hope that the regulatory as well as the self regulatory mechanisms will match up to the best worldwide.
The issue features the 20 foremost and new emerging face of the Indian financial sector culminating a strong, transparent and resilient system. The Most Trusted Financial Brands 2016 issue recognizes leading organizations of the BFSI industry together to create strategies and operational plans.
For the future years, we can only expect India’s digital prowess to strengthen the economy and expand scope for financial sector. A cashless economy, when everybody’s transactions are digitised, India will go from data poor to data rich.
Further, given WCRC’s extensive market reach and global footprint, companies featuring in this publication would benefit from the attention of global leaders in the financial markets.We hope you enjoy reading the publication, ‘India’s Most Trusted Financial Brands 2016’ and aspire to continue to provide you with well-researched and reliable information in the future.
This issue reflects our confidence and precision in dissecting the features that a trusted brand must possess in order to maintain relevance and purpose for Asian consumers.