Editorial August 2015

Dear readers,
I have grown up essentially thinking and dreaming of the footballing legends as my gods. So the mecca of the religion that i followed held a very special place in my heart, FIFA. A game as pristine as football in some and soccer in few has to be the greatest gift to mankind from the almighty. It definitely holds an image of innocence because of the very fact that since your childhood the first thing that we do is kick a football. I have deep and fond memories, as the innocence of the game is very deeply etched into my brain. As a child I would often go to the famous Kolkata Maidan with my father to watch my favourite club East Bengal play. And a Kolkata derby would often be the biggest event of my life. Hence football ran in my blood and following soccer globally became as important as doing my daily homework. And so is it for billions globally. I had left all hope in Indian cricket with corruption looming at large. While LalitGate became a rage, another sport that started bothering billions globally was everyone’s demi religion. The custodian of world’s favorite true religion alongside religion itself rigs of corruption inside. Yes FIFA! The name that is only about being incredible was becoming the most UNcredible. Sponsors threatening a back out, ensuring deep crisis within to problems and politics in abundance, can FIFA revive the lost glory? For its people’s hope and faith that is in question. We have tried to give you an analysis as fair as possible and suggested what should be done to rectify rather than falsely glorify things. It’s a question of a religion followed by most globally. A sport where caste, creed, blood and nothing but the love for the game is taken into account.

We have featured some of the best in the industry in this issue of WCRC Leaders Asia. Our team does a fantastic job of doing its constant research, interviews and analysis before giving its judgements. The Greece crisis has been a point of discussion globally for the very fact that it is creating a havoc inside the European Union. We have summed up our assumptions too on what should be the strategies and what kind of work needs to be done post the bail-out. Hope the world gets into a better situation in the next few months. We will keep you engaged with our verdicts and views.

Have a wonderful month.