A man who witnesses plight is a man who endures change and has the fortitude of making that change prevail and prolong. Iconic starlight of our times is Dr. T. Chandroo, Founder and Chairman/ CEO of Modern Montessori Group, celebrated for his vision and the unyielding drive with which he makes his dreams touch ground. The whole bent of generations together towards popularising a very unique concept of a one-stop education centre which enables all parents to gather a wholesome solution to the overall education needs of children. It was this very belief which helped him translate his efforts into Modern Montessori International (MMI) becoming a pre-dominant name in the Asia Pacific region for pre-schools. Owning a whole century of school and training offices in Asia Pacific region, his constant focus on growth has brought to him ample number of embellishments to proudly bedeck his mantle shelves.

It was his own childhood which gave him the vigour to channel his impetus towards becoming the panacea for all those children who lead an impoverished life. It was this very intrinsic motivation of his which led him onto becoming an implicitly successful salesperson while he was still in his 20s. Chancing upon a school in U.K., Modern Montessori International London, acted as a life changer. Its roots were dug deep into the practices of the Montessori methodology in early childhood education. If one was ever to question his reasons that drive his instincts he would say, “I am a firm believer that education is the greatest leveller in life. My childhood experience makes me want to give a good head start to every child.” And thanks to this very thought that galvanises his desires to elevate lives he has earned the exclusive franchise rights to operate MMI pre-schools and teacher training colleges in the Asia Pacific region.



  • ƒƒ The whole transformation of MMI into a business enterprise which has stayed committed itself to shape the preschool education contours in Singapore and beyond can be attributed to his name.
  • ƒƒ Through a successful branding campaign, he has converted many parents into the fold of Montessori education. Today, MMI has strong foothold in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.
  • ƒƒ As Chairman of Association of Early Childhood & Training Services (ASSETS) Singapore, the active lobbying with various government ministries had garnered support for numerous initiatives to safeguard the interests of private teacher training and development institutes and preschool operators in the early childhood industry. ƒƒ To Dr Chandroo, the secret of his success lies in his uncompromising attitude toward the quality of education delivered by his company. To many, the MMI brand is a stamp of quality. MMI has won many prestigious awards over the years, further reinforcing its leading position in the industry.
  • ƒƒ His philanthropic contributions had benefited many charitable organizations, children’s education funds, and self-help groups. His generosity has extended beyond the shore of Singapore and he had just completed the construction of a temple in India as a goodwill gesture to the local community.

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