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Dr. Maryam Matar
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Dr. Maryam Matar

Dr. Maryam Matar is Director General of a newly launched Community Development Authority (CDA). It is a Dubai government authority that takes responsibility for setting up and developing frameworks for social development in accordance with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.

Dr. Matar graduated from the Dubai Medical College in 1999 as top of her class and later on specialized in Community Medicine which is based on in-depth involvement of the practionner with the patient’s social, financial and psychological issues in addition to the health related diagnosis and treatment. In 2005, she was the leader of the executive team dedicated to research key social development issues as described in the ‘Dubai Strategic Plan (2008-2015)’. Before joining CDA was the first Emirati woman to assume the responsibilities of Under Secretary of the Ministry of Health; wherein she led and supervised a number of initiatives. The initiatives were designed to make Primary Health Care (PHC) programs available to the biggest share of population in the Northern Emirates, taking the number of overall PHC facilities in the UAE from 52 to 97.

Dr. Matar is the Founder and Executive Director of two non-government and non-profit organizations – the UAE Down’s Syndrome Association and the UAE Genetic Diseases Association involving families from 17 different nationalities. She realized her humanitarian nature really early in her life through her friendships with her patients that she could make changes in society to make the lives of the people better.

Dr. Matar has been honored with a government award every year from 1990-2006 for her outstanding performance and contribution to the UAE society, including the Sheikh Rashid Award for ‘Academic Excellence’ (1999), ‘Best Healthcare Project’ across all higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE in 2002, ‘Best Community Project’ of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development (2004), the ‘Dubai Quality Award’ for Best Employee in Dubai health Authority (2003) and the Emirates Business Women Award for ‘Professional Excellence’ (2004).

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