Dr Kanwar Deep Singh


Dr Kanwar Deep Singh

Dr Kanwar Deep Singh, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, India’s Upper House of Parliament, is the founder of the KD Singh Foundation (KDSF), and is playing a huge role in bringing about muchdesired change to the society.

In 2013, Dr KD Singh started KDSF followed by the implementation of a project in March 2013, that was started to ‘provide three tiered support to the victims of rape’ in Haryana.

Since its beginning, ‘The support cell for rape victims’, as was the nomenclature, has supported more than 150 victims out of which 85 were offered legal support. Many others were provided free medical aid and education thus ensuring appropriate rehabilitation.

The support cell also started its own toll-free helpline number to assist and counsel victims and their families.

Time and again, the foundation’s comprehensive approach has been applauded even by the local authorities of the Indian state of Haryana. The project closely resonates with a ‘one-stop crisis centre’ strategy recommended by public policy experts.

Dr KD Singh has envisaged not only providing rape victims with monetary support but he has been putting all his effort in transforming victims into survivors through the works of his foundation.

Owing to the relentless efforts of the foundation, around Rs 12 lakh of compensation amount was generated for the victims in just a few months.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the cases taken up by KDSF have shown a conviction rate of 90 per cent as against a dismal one-fourth conviction rate in the rest of the cases.

In addition to the foundation’s work, Dr KD Singh has also encouraged measures that can potentially bring about a change in the societal mindset regarding gender issues.

Further moulding his line of thought, Dr KD Singh started yet another ‘Social Transformation Catalyst Cell’ in November, 2013. Under this initiative, KDSF have been organising camps, approaching around 5000 people, and spreading awareness among women and children about their safety, legal remedies and health.

The awareness camp also includes a workshop on knowing ‘acceptable and un-acceptable’ human behaviour and legal education for adolescent girls.

Additionally, under the ‘Quit India campaign’ – a programme to eliminate anaemia, calcium deficiency and weak immunity and eye defects – numerous camps have also been organised in Haryana to effectively serve communities.

An international business and political leader too, Dr KD Singh has been stressing on the women’s safety agenda. In November 2013, he also submitted a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament, calling for compulsory inclusion of gender sensitisation curriculum in all national and state boards.

‘The Compulsory Gender Sensitisation Curriculum Bill, 2013’ as it is called, is a step towards sensitising young minds towards gender issues.

Dr KD Singh also runs free medical camps under the foundation, majorly focussing on diabetes, hypertension, complete orthopaedic check-ups, arthritis management. Renowned doctors provide free consultations at these camps.

These camps have received favourable response from people in Ambala, Haryana, where 250 patients were examined for knee replacement by specialists and medicines were distributed free of cost. This was followed by check up of 84 patients at Siwan (Bihar) and 150 patients at Moga (Punjab).

Under the leadership of Dr KD Singh, the foundation has made great strides in just a year. The foundation staff as well as its founder are fully cognizant of and committed to usher in a monumental change in the Indian society.