Rabeth-KhanWhen in the 1990s the world was only depen¬dant on oral and synthetic medication, Dr. Ganguly was able to create a new segment with a vision of creating a pain free society. Defin¬ing nobility in the sector, OPTM Health Care and AG Herbs provided naturally unique solutions with its Organic Phyto Therapeutic Method. Breaking the shackles of unattainable traditional medical sciences, the company was founded by Dr. Apurba Ganguly in 1990 and rebranded in 2001 in Kolkata. What started in a 400 sqft clinic in Kolkata, today is spread over 65,000 sqft in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore and New York. He also became the first Indian Doctor to be a Member Physician of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) and the International Associa¬tion for the Study of Pain (USA/Singapore).

These associations not only helped establish a strong clinical trial process but also helped Dr. Ganguly’s unique protocol receive recognition worldwide. AG Herbs, for the first time in Asia has introduced a for-mulation which can cure Varicose Vein. Before this there was no formulation to cure this disease. He wishes to help create a pain free society and put back the smile on the patients’ faces who come to their clinics both in India and abroad. The one thing he wants to do is to create a pain free society, by educat-ing people about the host of side effects of oral and synthetic drugs, surgery or any kind of interventional procedure. All these are temporary methods and gives temporary relief. He has been able to provide permanent solutions to millions of patients globally, which are visible in the diagnostic reports of the patients treated by him. The success rate of their pro¬tocol is 98% which has been clinically proven, making Dr. Ganguly the only doctor to do so.


  • His dedication is commendable. The way Dr. Ganguly leads a focused and ever determined team to create a better future is the prime reason behind OPTM Healthcare’s success.
  • The fact that he genuinely feels wary of people giving short term cure for their own profits, has made him way more aggressive in putting an end to illnesses that cause such adversities.
  • A visionary in the medical industry, he has it in him to dream of a better world and turn it into reality. This acts as a strong inspiration for all those who work around him.
  • His innovative approach backed by sound theoretical as well as practical knowledge makes his work impenetrable and legitimate.
  • His confidence is reflected in every level of employee in OPTM Healthcare, makes his patients accept and adapt to his philosophy of treatment.

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